The OPCUG gives numerous presentations at various branches of the Ottawa Public Library (OPL). Topics are wide-ranging and include many aspects of computer security, digital photography, social media, using Windows 10 effectively, and more.

OPCUG is offering online workshops through OPL during the COVID-19 closure of library branches for in-person programs. The series is being called Tech Café. You do NOT need an OPL card to register for online workshops. The links below take you to the OPL website for registering. These online workshops are free; however, you must register so that we can send you an email about how to access the workshop on Zoom.

Registration for these free presentations is through the OPL web site. Each presentation has a link to the OPL web site page where you can register.

(there are no presentations in July and August)

Tech Café Webinars are back at the OPL this fall. The OPCUG is presenting the topics listed below.
Links to register are provided for each presentation or you can register at https://biblioottawalibrary.ca/en/program?text=tech+cafe.

Scam avoidance and trust
Monday, November 23, 4:00 pm

For as long as humans have been communicating with each other, scams exist in one form or another, we no longer just have our front door or home phone to guard against and now the baddies have multiple ways to have the victim immediately become susceptible to blind trust actions.

Join Lawrence Patterson (ISSO, ITIL & two decades supporting people’s personal / professional technology needs) as he reviews the significant difference between blind and wise trust, the various scam sources, tips to be aware of, details common to all scams and most importantly how to take control.

As we review the various scam methods, participants will be encouraged to speak out on their own examples as we all learn how to become more aware and protect our electronic and personal lives.   REGISTER

How to Secure a Home Wireless Network
Monday, November 30, 10:00 am

Most wireless routers do not default to the most secure configuration. Make sure you are not the “low hanging fruit” that someone will decide to attack. It is surprisingly easy to make sure your network is secure. Chris Taylor, President of the Ottawa PC Users’ Group and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, will show you just how easy it is.   REGISTER

Keeping passwords safe
Monday, December 7, 10:00 am

We are told: don’t write down passwords; don’t reuse passwords; make passwords long and complex. Chris Taylor, President of the Ottawa PC Users’ Group will show how to use free software that stores all your usernames and passwords along with related information and protects them with a single, very strong password. Don’t let your online accounts get compromised. It’s easy and free.   REGISTER

Basic photography tips and techniques
Monday, December 14, 10:00 am

Learn, in simple terms, how your camera works to enable you to take better photos. Lynda Buske from the Ottawa PC Users’ Group will cover tips on composition, depth of field, lighting, people pictures and how to avoid common pitfalls. Photo editing after you take the picture will be covered but not demonstrated in detail. For more comprehensive coverage of photo editing, look for Basic Photo Editing, also given by Lynda.   REGISTER

How to Buy a Digital Camera
Monday, December 21, 10:00 am

When buying a digital camera, you are faced with a bewildering array of choices. Chris Taylor, Ottawa PC Users’ Group President and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, will help “focus” your search for the ideal digital camera to fit your budget and suit the style of photography that interests you.   REGISTER