Call for Presenters

The OPCUG is always interested in obtaining guest speakers for our monthly meetings. If you are able to give a talk on a particular subject, or if you know someone who is, please contact our Meeting Coordinator. In addition, if there is a topic you are interested in, please provide your idea to our Meeting Coordinator. Our club has a proud history of delivering informative and provocative speakers for over 35 years! Check out our list of past presentations below (and in our archives) with links to presentation decks. Please consult the OPCUG’s speakers’ information page if you require additional information about our venue.

Lawrence Patterson,
OPCUG Meeting Coordinator

The following companies, groups or individuals have given presentations at OPCUG meetings. We appreciate their efforts and support.

(There are no presentations in July and August)

SEP 8: Results of the 2021 member survey on meeting venue: PDF ;  Chat and audio files of entire meeting: Chat / Audio
Members’ Favourites:  Building a Database (Stephane Richard)
 PDF / MP4 / Expense ACCDB File ;  Making of a Logo (Chris Taylor) PDF ;  Windows Firewall Control (Tom Trottier) PDF
JUN 9: Origins of EdTech (Mariana Ludmila Cortés, CEO, One Laptop Per Child)  PDF (without videos) / Audio / Chat File
Extracted Video Files: Video 1 / Video 2 / Video 3   PowerPoint file with videos (67 MB)

MAY 12
: Typography (Chris Taylor, OPCUG President)   PDF / Audio / Chat File
APR 14: Sharing Photos (Lynda Buske, OPCUG)  PDF / Audio / Chat File
MAR 10: Keeping Passwords Safe (Chris Taylor, OPCUG President)  PDF / Audio / Chat File
FEB 10: 2021 AGM PDF / AudioChat File (audio and chat files include full guest presentation);  Microcontrollers and the Internet of Things (Deid Reimer, Victoria Pi Makers) PDF / Audio (audio starts at 13:24 minutes, after the AGM) / Chat File / Deid’s presentation as web page
JAN 13: Create Your Own Blog or Website Using WordPress and Elementor (Alan German, Brigitte Lord, OPCUG) 
WordPress Blog (Alan): PDF / 
Elementor Website (Brigitte): PDF / Audio and Chat File of both presentations

DEC 9: Wi-Fi: Making sense of it all (Lawrence Patterson, OPCUG)  PDF / Audio / Chat File (txt)
NOV 11: Computers at War (Bob Walker, OPCUG)  PDF / Audio / Chat File (txt)   (NOTE: due to an unknown issue, the audio recording starts at the bottom of slide # 14 titled WAR MOBILIZES SCIENCE). Related past presentations: The History of Computers, Part 1 (Feb 2015, no audio); Where are Self-Flying Planes and Self-Driving Cars Taking Us? (Dec 2017, no audio)
OCT 14: Managing Your Android Phone (Alan German, OPCUG)  PDF / Audio
SEP 9: An Introduction to the Raspberry Pi (Deid Reimer, Victoria Pi Makers, via video from Victoria, BC)  PDFAudio
                            ***Audio recordings of presentations before September 2020 are not available.***
JUN 10: Web services provided by and the ways in which Agile methodology can facilitate the empowerment and success of non-technical teams (Rob Villeneuve, CEO of
MAY 13: Chromebook: What’s all the fuss about? (Lawrence Patterson, OPCUG)
APR 8: Members’ Presentations: Duplication and Verification (Alan German); Scams: What has changed? (Lawrence Patterson); Online Shopping During COVID-19 (Bob Walker)
MAR 11: Scripting and automation for mere mortals (Chris Taylor, OPCUG)
FEB 12:
Computer Programming: Then and Now (Alan German, OPCUG)
JAN 8: Imagine Space and Labs at the Ottawa Public Library (Vanessa Menor, OPL Librarian, Nepean Centrepointe Branch)EC