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Our next Q&A session will commence at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, September 29th. Questions on any computer-related issues are welcome, as are mini-presentations of your favourite computer program or on an interesting topic that you would like to share with the group? Send your questions or the details of what you would like to share to: SuggestionBox@opcug.ca

Everyone is welcome to attend Q&A sessions and to ask questions about their specific computer-related problems.  Join us at: https://tinyurl.com/opcug-meeting (if you use the Zoom client, the meeting ID is 924 9556 0898 and the password is opcug)

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PDF versions of the PowerPoint presentations, audio recordings of the associated discussions, and copies of the comments in the Chat window, from our weekly Q&A sessions are available as the following files:

MOST RECENT Q&A SESSION – September 22, 2021

20210922_PowerPoint (2.27 MB PDF)

20210922_Audio (58.3 MB M4A)

20210922_Chat (6 KB TXT)

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For the content of previous Q&A,
sessions please see our:

List of past topics

Recordings available for download

What do we do at a Q&A session?

One of the strengths of computer user groups is the technical assistance provided to members – by members. The Ottawa PC Users’ Group is no exception to this general rule. Our motto “Users helping users” says it all.

We publish a wealth of useful information in Ottawa PC News, our monthly newsletter, and answer questions on the members-only forum on our web site. We hold question-and-answer sessions where anyone can raise computer-related queries and, hopefully, have them answered through the combined knowledge and experience of the members present.

The Q&A session is held on each Wednesday evening from 7:30 to 8:30 pm (except for the week of our monthly club meeting that is normally held on the second Wednesday of the month.)

Articles posted on OPCUG’s web site and published in the newsletter provide tips, tricks, and (solutions to) traps related to Windows (and other operating systems) and its associated software products. Additional information is often developed as a result of our Q&A sessions. The latter are listed at: https://opcug.ca/qa-topics/

Historical Note:

Over the years, OPCUG has had a number of Special Interest Groups (SIG’s).

Most recently, the Beginners’ SIG, Windows SIG, and the Linux, Free Software and Open-Source SIG have all morphed into the current Q&A session. 



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