Ottawa PC Users' Group

Constitution and By Laws
(Approved at the AGM – January 1995)


Section 1
The name of the organization shall be the Ottawa PC Users’ Group, with the acronym OPCUG.
ARTICLE II: Objective
Section 1
The objective is to promote unpaid, mutual learning and support in fields related to personal microcomputers.
ARTICLE III: Board of Directors
Section 1
The Board of Directors shall consist of nine members who will form a Board to administer the affairs of the Group. The Board shall name from their ranks a President, a Treasurer and a Secretary and any other position they deem necessary. A quorum for Board meetings shall be 50%, or more. All Board motions are to be seconded and carried by a simple majority. The term of office is the Group Year.
ARTICLE IV: Duties of the Board of Directors
Section 1: General
1.1  It is the responsibility of each member of the Board of Directors to act on behalf of members in promoting Group objectives with no remuneration.
1.2  The Board of Directors shall promote interest in computer related topics for the benefit of its members.
1.3  The Board of Directors may acquire and dispose assets and spend Group funds for the benefit of the members.
1.4  The Board of Directors shall replace vacancies to the Board by appointment as soon as possible.
1.5  The Board of Directors may appoint leaders of the Groups activities and functions.
1.6  In the absence of the President, one of the other Board of Directors shall act in their place.
Section 2: The President shall:
2.1  preside at meetings;
2.2  ensure that presentations and other activities at meetings and other such occasions have been arranged;
2.3  prepare an annual summary of Group activities for publication in the Newsletter following their term in office and make it available for distribution at the Annual General Meeting;
2.4  perform such other duties as their office may require.
Section 3: The Treasurer shall:
3.1  account for all financial transactions of the Group;
3.2  prepare an annual summary showing the status of the Group’s finances and assets, to be published in the January Newsletter and distributed to the members at the Annual General Meeting;
3.3  table an account at every Board of Directors meeting for the fiscal year to date;
3.4  maintain an up to date inventory of equipment and other assets owned by the Group and keep track of their current location.
Section 4: The Secretary shall:
4.1  keep the minutes of all Board of Directors meetings;
4.2  maintain the Group’s correspondence;
4.3  ensure that an Election Committee is formed two months prior to the Annual General Meeting.
ARTICLE V: Meetings
Section 1: Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting shall be held in January or February of each year as the first order of business. The President and Treasurer will submit reports for the year. Following the reports, the Elections Officer shall chair an election of a new Board of Directors, if required, and announce the new Directors before the close of the Annual General Meeting.
Section 2: Group Meetings
General meetings will be held ten times per a year. Other meetings may be organized as required.
Section 3: Board of Directors Meetings
3.1  Board of Directors meetings shall be at the call of the President. Reasonable notice of Board of Directors meetings shall be given.
3.2  In the absence or incapacity of the President, Board of Directors meetings may be called by a majority of the other Directors.
ARTICLE VI: Amendments
Section 1
The Constitution and By laws may be amended at any general Group meeting, provided that; members have been notified at least three weeks in advance, that a quorum of 100 or 25% of paid-up members are present, and that 60% of the members present and voting on the amendment(s) are in favour. If a quorum is not present and notification has been given as stipulated, voting on the amendments shall be conducted by a mailed and/or electronic ballot of all paid up members, and decided by a simple majority with the voting overseen by any past Election Committee member or member in good standing elected from the floor.



ARTICLE I: Membership
Section 1
Membership is open to all individuals.
Section 2
Membership dues shall be set by the Board of Directors, subject to approval by the membership at any general meeting of the Group providing three week notification has been given and shall take effect at the expiry of an individual’s term.
Section 3
Guests may attend general meetings.
Section 4
Complimentary membership may be awarded at the discretion of the Board of Directors for service to the Group.
ARTICLE II: Election of officers
Section 1
An Elections Committee consisting of any past Director plus two other members not on the Board of Directors shall be recruited by the Secretary each year, and announced to the membership at least two months prior to the Annual General Meeting. This committee shall canvas the membership for Board of Directors nominees. If there are more than nine, the committee shall select an Election Officer from their ranks who will close nominations at their discretion, manage all aspects of voting and announce the results before the end of the Annual General Meeting. If less than nine candidates are willing to stand, vacancies may be filled by appointment by the incoming Board of Directors.
Section 2
In the event of an election, the Election Officer will advertise the list of nominees in the January Newsletter, with or without short volunteered platform articles. Candidates shall be given an opportunity to give a short campaign speech before voting.
Section 3
The newly elected Board of Directors will assume their duties following the Annual General Meeting.
Section 4
If any Director misses three or more consecutive Board of Directors meetings without cause, that person shall be deemed to have resigned.
Section 5
Board of Directors Vacancies may be filled by appointment by the remaining Board of Directors.
Section 6
In event of resignation by more than 50% of the elected Board of Directors an election shall be held for an Interim-Board, as the first order of business at the first general meeting thereafter, with the Election Officer elected from the floor and a quorum made up of those present. The Interim-Board’s term shall be for the balance of the Group Year.
Section 7
Transfer of Group property to a new Board of Directors shall be carried out in a timely manner.
Section 1
Funds shall be regularly and properly accounted for by the Treasurer.
Section 2
On dissolution of the Group, remaining assets shall be made liquid and distributed equally among members in good standing.
Section 3
The financial records of the organization are open for inspection on request by any member in good standing within reasonable notice at the next general meeting.
ARTICLE IV: Provisions
Section 1
The Board of Directors shall decide on the acquisition and disposal of Group assets.
Section 1
The Membership Year shall be one year from payment of dues.
Section 2
The Financial Year shall be the calendar year.
Section 3
The Group Year shall be one year from the close of the Annual General Meeting.
ARTICLE VI: Appointments
Section 1
Members may be appointed by the Board of Directors to various positions. All appointments are responsible to the Board.
ARTICLE VII: Removal from the Board
Section 1
Any Director may be removed from the Board by simple majority vote of members in good standing at any general meeting providing; it has been tabled in writing at the prior general meeting and every effort has been made to inform all members of the impending vote and reasons thereof. If successful, the removal shall take effect immediately.
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