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A volunteer-run organization such as the Ottawa PC Users' Group requires the efforts of a great number of people if it is to be a success. Perhaps the greatest reason for the continued existance of the Group since 1983 is the tremendous number of people who have given of their time over the years. Following is a list of people who have helped to make the OPCUG what it is today. If you know of any errors or omissions in the list, please let us

The names are listed alphabetically.

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Archibald, John (scrutinizing OPCUG financial books)
Armstrong, Barry (Software Librarian)
Aylesworth, Richard (Financial Reviewer)
Baker, Darryl (Treasurer)
Baker, Philip (SIG Coordinator)
Baudet, Paul (Newsletter)
Begin, Debbie (baker extraordinaire, re: Pizza Night cupcakes galore!)
Blain, Suzanne (Editor)
Brearly, Neil (Newsletter)
Cayer, Mark (Membership)
Chambers, Larry (Public Relations)
Chiasson, Don (SIG Coordinator, Board member)
Chop, Larry (SIG Coordinator)
Clyde, Andrew (Newsletter)
Clyde, Eric (Secretary, Treasurer, SIG Coordinator, Newsletter)
Curling, David (SIG Coordinator)
Cross, Bob (Public Relations)
Cyr, Andre (Treasurer, Publicity, Editor)
Czerfusz, Mike (SIG Coordinator)
Dafoe, Norm (Secretary, Software Librarian)
Doire, Jocelyn (Secretary, SIG, Newsletter - electronic distribution, Website, Workshop prestenter, Special Events, Club Historian)
Dubois, Jeff (Public Relations, Program Chair)
Dustin, Julie (Newsletter, SIG Coordinator)
Eagen, Gail (Secretary)
Edwards, Mark (Newsletter)
Falkner, Anne (Newsletter)
Fortier, Bonnie (Editor, Sysop)
Fortier, Jean (Sysop)
Francoeur, Fred (assistance with equipment setup)
Freise, Harald (Chairman, Membership)
Fridrich, James (Treasurer)
Frith, Tony (Treasurer)
Gault, Jerry (SIG Coordinator)
German, Alan (Treasuruer, Software Reviews section, Website design, Workshop organizer/presenter, Co-System Administrator)
Giovinetti, Mark (Board Member)
Gomez, Carl-Henri (Membership)
Gowan, Bob (SIG Coordinator, Website design, Club Historian, Meeting Coordinator, Workshop presenter)
Green, Paul (Convenor, Membership)
Green, Thomas (Newsletter)
Gross, Harry (Chairman, Publicity)
Guerra, Plato (Newsletter)
Hageraats, Hans (membership table)
Harris, Sandy (Editor)
Havrot, Ted (Newsletter)
Herres, Bob (Public Relations, Program Chair, Election Chair)
Hibbler, Jackson (Newsletter)
Hopkins, Gord (Chairman, Editor, Publicity, Software Librarian, SIG Coordinator)
Houston, Wayne (Election Officer, Privacy Director)
Hunter, Art (SIG Coordinator)
Ings, John (Software Library)
Jarry, Claude (Secretary, Membership, Newsletter)
Kelland, Herb (Newsletter)
Keys, John (Index of newsletter articles, posting reviews on website)
Kreisman, Murry (Newsletter)
Ladds, John (SIG Coordinator)
Laidlaw, Bob (SIG Coordinator)
Legault, Jean-Pierre (Website)
Lemay, Jacques (Editor)
Lemire, Michael (Software Library)
Lord, Brigitte (Web Master, Newsletter Editor, Workshop lunch organizer)
Luckham, Mike (Chairman, Treasurer, Newsletter)
MacNeill, Andrew (SIG Coordinator)
Mahood, Paul (SIG Coordinator)
Mahoney, Terry (Chairman, Bulk Purchasing, Editor)
Mahoney, Tim (Bulk Purchasing, Meeting Coordinator, Workshop facility)
May, Ted (Website, Club Historian, Director without Portfolio))
McElvey, Chris (SIG Coordinator)
McLeod, Andrew (Financial Reviewer)
McRoberts, Stan (Treasurer)
Miller, Bruce (Sysop)
Mimee, Tom (SIG Coordinator)
Montpetit, Michael (Newsletter)
Moxley, Anne (Chairman, Treasurer, Membership)
Moxley, Stu (Chairman, Newsletter, Facilities)
Parkinson, Robert (Secretary, Newsletter)
Patterson, Lawrence (Program Chair, Public Relations)
Patterson, Nick (Program Chair)
Pereira, Mike (Meeting Co-Chair)
Petrie, Duncan (Editor, SIG Coordinator)
Philips, Susan (Newsletter)
Pizzamiglio, Vince (Treasurer, Workshop prestenter)
Polich, David (SIG Coordinator)
Poulter, Doug (Chairman, Convenor)
Przybytek, John (Publicity)
Rasmussen, John (Software Librarian)
Reeves, David (Secretary, Web Master)
Riou, Marc (Newsletter)
Roy, Mike (Editor)
Schopf, Bert (Chairman, Editor, SIG Coordinator, Board meetings facility)
Schupan, Mike (Software Librarian, Sysop)
Seal, Chris (Editor, Publicity)
Seal, Mary (created
Sells, Marty (Newsletter)
Simons, Lynda (Editor, Secretary)
Sims, Henry (Orphans' SIG Coordinator, Board member)
Smith, David (Newsletter)
Stekelenburg, Jack (Convenor)
Svetkoff, Paul (SIG Coordinator)
Taylor, Chris (Chairman, System Administrator, Software Librarian, SIG Coordinator, Newsletter, Workshop prestenter)
Terroux, David (Chairman)
Thomas, Bob (SIG Coordinator, Privacy Director)
Tomlin, Judy (Software Library)
Turpin, Morris (Publicity)
Vandijk, Bill (Treasurer)
Vandijk, Graham (assistance with equipment setup)
Vaumoron, Jean (Newsletter, SIG Coordinator)
Wagner, Lionel (loaning of audio/visual equipment)
Walker, Bob (Facilities)
Wallace-Graner, Karen (Board member)
Wells, Andrea (Board Member - Program)

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Mary Seal: The OPCUG Logo

Mary created the logo using CorelDraw in 1996. The 'freehand' look was achieved using a mouse, not a graphics tablet and pen. The logo was originally for the club's newsletter 'The Ottawa PC News'. It has also been adopted for use on the website, club stationery, T-shirts, etc.