There are no newsletters in July and August

OCTOBER: Homograph attacks; Results of the 2021 member survey on meeting venue; The BOD and survey results; 2022 OPCUG elections; Updating Windows Defender revisited – Part 1; Quick Tips (33: Resetting TeamViewer; 34: Moving Windows default data folders; 35: Pulsedive threat intelligence)

SEPTEMBER: Settng Up a New Computer – Keeping Up To Date (Part 3 – Final); Members’ Favourites Night; OPCUG 2022 Elections; Q&A Announcement; Cursor Highlighter; Setting up a new camera; Quick Tips (31: Starting a program automatically in Windows 10; 32: Language in Google Chrome)

JUNE: Setting Up a New Computer – Backup, Update, Repeat…(Part 2); Tracking eWalk-Abouts; Speakers Wanted; Say Cheese: How to take better people pictures; Quick Tips (29: Windows release health; 30: Format Painter in Microsoft Office)

MAY: Setting Up a New Computer – First Things First (Part 1); Secretary’s Report 2020/2021; Speakers Wanted; Cell Phone Photography; Want to earn some money?; Quick Tips (25: Windows Timeline; 26: Emojis and (fortunately) more; 27: Calculations from the Start button; 28: Download any version of Windows 10)

APRIL: Membership extension; Speakers Wanted!; Dictation in Microsoft Word; Ways to access Windows 10’s Recycle Bin; Reducing the attack surface; Shooting with three legs! (photography); Quick Tips (22: Editing quick actions; 23: Sound by device; 24: Running settings)

MARCH: Creating a rescue account; Controlled folder access update; Fast startup in Windows; Lawrence’s Thoughts: Passwords; How to use photographic histograms; Review of OPCUG Financial Records for the year 2020; Quick Tips (20: Quick screen grabs, 21: Snip & Sketch)

FEBRUARY:  2020 President’s Report; 2020 Treasurer’s Report; Getting Help from Microsoft; Lawrence’s Thoughts: Raspberry Pi – Part 1; Dive into underwater cameras!; Q&A Session Archives; Chris Taylor’s Quick Tips (16: Always show file extensions, 17: Paste Options pop-up, 18: Shutdown options, 19: Additional clocks)

JANUARY: Removing Duplicates in LibreOffice Calc; Lawrence’s Thoughts: 2020; Creating a Hard Disk Partition; Photography: Focus stacking; Chris Taylor’s Quick Tips (13: Battery saving in Windows 10, 14: Weather app, 15: Space Cadet Pinball in Windows 10)

DECEMBER: FancyZones; Changing Icons in Android Pie; Lawrence’s Thoughts: Wi-Fi Part 3; Using your photos at Christmas; Chris Taylor’s Quick Tips (11: Microsoft PowerToys, 12: Start another program instance); Nominations for OPCUG Board for 2021

NOVEMBER: ISP Blocking; Changing browser security indicators; Lawrence’s Thoughts: Wi-Fi Part 2; Apps for photographing celestial bodies; Chris Taylor’s Quick Tips (09: Windows Calculator, 10: Feedback Hub); Technical Solutions; Nominations for OPCUG Board for 2021

OCTOBER: Scaling Windows; An Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder; Lawrence’s Thoughts: Wi-Fi Part 1; Tips for travel photography; Chris Taylor’s Quick Tips (07: Bluetooth battery level, 08: Windows Magnifier); Nominations for OPCUG Board for 2021

SEPTEMBER: Clipboard in Windows 10; Alan German: Newsletter Champ…and more!; The Windows Sandbox; PDF Document Management Revisited; Lawrence’s Thoughts: Google Home; Sharing your pictures on the Internet; Chris Taylor’s Quick Tips (04: Pin scripts to the taskbar, 05: Drag & drop: copy, move, or create shortcut?, 06: Mouse pointers in Windows 10); Q&A Weekly Sessions

JUNE: Safer web browsing; Special BOD Invitation; Weekly Q&A sessions; Member Forum; New Fraud Watch page; Secretary’s Report for 2019/2020; A Deep Dive into Disk Space Recovery; PowerPoint Slide Master – Part 4; Creating short depth of field with your computer (photography); Free tutoring in photo editing by Lynda Buske; You spoke and we listened!; Chris Taylor’s Quick Tips (02: Pin programs to the taskbar, 03: Two-key program launch) ; OPCUG Free Software Guide – Part 100 (end of series)

MAY: Q&A and DYOB; OPCUG Anti-Virus Measure; Video-conferencing of meetings; Membership Survey; Too Many Toolbars; Chris Taylor’s Quick Tip 01: Reopen closed browser tabs; Understanding Depth of Field (photography); PowerPoint “Slide Master” Part 3 (The How, 1st steps); OPCUG Free Software Guide – Parts 98 & 99

APRIL: Increasing jump lists; April Meeting via Video Conference; PowerPoint Slide Master – Part 2; Creating a Simple Video Tutorial; Rainy Day Photos; New Website Now Live!; OPCUG Free Software Guide—Part 97

MARCHFile History; Shop till you the price drops; Fixing jump lists; Getting Off Auto Setting (photography); OPCUG Free Software Guide—Part 96; Review of 2019 Financial Records; PowerPoint SlideMaster Tool

FEBRUARYManaging Smartphone Contacts; 2019 President’s Report; Treasurer’s Report – 2019; Scam Avoidance Tips; Bring on the Birds (photography); OPCUG Website Redesign – Again!; OPCUG Free Software Guide – Part 95

JANUARY: Managing Email Addresses; My favourite whatchamacallit; No more raffles; Renaming photo files; Word Layouts; OPCUG Free Software Guide – Part 94