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JUNE: Safer web browsing; Special BOD Invitation; Weekly Q&A sessions; Member Forum; New Fraud Watch page; Secretary’s Report for 2019/2020; A Deep Dive into Disk Space Recovery; PowerPoint Slide Master – Part 4; Creating short depth of field with your computer; Free tutoring in photo editing by Lynda Buske; You spoke and we listened!; Quick Tips 02 and 03; OPCUG Free Software Guide – Part 100 (end of series)

MAY: Q&A and DYOB; OPCUG Anti-Virus Measure; Video-conferencing of meetings; Membership Survey; Too Many Toolbars; Quick Tip 01: Reopen closed browser tabs; Understanding Depth of Field; PowerPoint “Slide Master” Part 3 (The How, 1st steps); OPCUG Free Software Guide – Parts 98 & 99

APRIL: Increasing jump lists; April Meeting via Video Conference; PowerPoint Slide Master – Part 2; Creating a Simple Video Tutorial; Rainy Day Photos; New Website Now Live!; OPCUG Free Software Guide—Part 97

MARCHFile History; Shop till you the price drops; Fixing jump lists; Getting Off Auto Setting; OPCUG Free Software Guide—Part 96; Review of 2019 Financial Records; PowerPoint SlideMaster Tool

FEBRUARYManaging Smartphone Contacts; 2019 President’s Report; Treasurer’s Report – 2019; Scam Avoidance Tips; Bring on the Birds!; OPCUG Website Redesign – Again!; OPCUG Free Software Guide – Part 95

JANUARY: Managing Email Addresses; My favourite whatchamacallit; No more raffles; Renaming photo files; Word Layouts; OPCUG Free Software Guide – Part 94