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2005 Digital Imaging Workshop


Workshop Content

Club members who have spent considerable time researching the associated issues, and developing advanced digital imaging techniques, will share their knowledge and expertise with workshop participants in four basic sessions:

Digital Cameras

Buying a Digital Camera

When selecting a digital camera, you are faced with a bewildering variety of choices, a wide range of prices, and a large number of confusing terms that differ considerably from those typically used for film cameras. This session will provide information on important features such as: megapixels and memory cards; optical vs. digital zoom; viewfinder and battery technologies, and will put you on a firm footing to find the camera that is just right for you.


Image Processing

This session will show image enhancement techniques and illustrate the power of advanced image editing. Basic concepts such as colour depth, resolution, file size and image type, and simple editing features such as framing and cropping, will be discussed. In addition, we will show you how to use advanced selection techniques, transform images every which way, use layers and a variety of filters for special effects, and much, much more. As part of the presentation, a digital collage for this OPCUG event will be created in real time with participation from the audience.


Image Processing
Image Printing

Output Options

Are you going to print your digital images on your own colour printer, or should you consider using a professional printing service? How are you going to store and catalogue your images so that you can easily retrieve them later? Do you know the best ways to share your images with friends and relatives electronically? Our expert will cover all the bases of capturing, storing, and preparing digital images for output.


Problems and Solutions

Do you have a specific problem with any aspect of digital imaging? This is an OPCUG workshop - our club's motto is Users helping users - so we are here to help! If you are going to participate in the workshop, send your query to us in advance (E-mail: This session will deal with common imaging problems and provide you with the solutions!


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