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Ottawa PC Users' Group, Inc.

2007 Beginners' Workshop


Workshop Sponsors

The Ottawa PC Users' Group would like to thank the following for their generous support of our workshop through donations of various door prizes:

Microsoft Mindshare Microsoft Mindshare
User Group Leadership Community


On-line solutions to secure,
protect and optimize computers


O'Reilly O'Reilly Media
The computer book specialists


Linux for human beings
Ubuntu Linux


Computer Supplyhous Computer Supplyhouse
Search for exceptional computer values
and Ottawa's best selection of computer books


OPCUG also wishes to thank two individuals, and their respective organizations, for helping promote our workshop:

Blackbird Bert Schopf, Blackbird Communications
Bert created the full-colour advertisement for the workshop. Check out Bert's portfolio of other work his company has produced at:

Monitor Glenn Lisle, Editor, Monitor Magazine (GRL Communications Inc.)
Monitor Magazine kindly published the above-noted advertisement, and carried a full-length article on our workshop in the magazine. Monitor has excellent information on a wide variety of computer-related topics, plus advertisements from local companies who are selling what you wish to buy. Look for the free hard copy magazine in various outlets across the city, or check the on-line edition at:

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Ottawa PC Users' Group
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