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A Picture Gallery for your Android Smartphone

by Alan German

I have been struggling for some time with various digital image management systems on my Android smartphone. The default app bundled with the phone didn’t want to let me flip through the available images, seemingly preferring to open one at once, which was completely unacceptable. A second package that I downloaded wouldn’t let me tag multiple images for deletion. Again, another show-stopper. Other apps came, and rapidly went, with similar deficiencies. Finally, I checked the fount of all freeware knowledge – gizmo’s freeware – and identified QuickPic Gallery as the editor’s choice for an Android image viewer.

Finally, I have an app that functions intelligently. Load the app and it displays thumbnails of folders containing images, with the most recent set of photos shown first. (Of course, it also shows the link to 2GB of free CM Cloud disk storage on the developer’s web server but, after all, this is freeware!)

Click on any folder and the screen displays thumbnails of the images in that folder. Click on an image to load it full-screen, then swipe left and right to view the other images in the folder. Tap the full-screen image and you can use the back arrow (top-left) to return to the folder, or select one of the on-screen control buttons (top-right) to conduct a number of tasks (see Screenshot No. 1).

Screenshot 1
Image option controls

Screenshot 2
Selecting multiple images

The “share” button lets you upload the file to the cloud (remember that free storage?), transfer it over a Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth, save it to disk with the default file manager, plus a number of other tasks. The “delete” button is more succinct. A delete option is displayed. Select this to delete the image, or tap the image once more to cancel.
The “more” button lets you run a slideshow, display details (properties) of the image, and includes other options such as the ability to edit, copy, move, and rename the file. There are also plus and minus buttons in the lower-right corner that allow you to zoom in and out of the image.

Back in the thumbnails folder view, touching – and holding – a single image causes this image to be selected. A blue and white check mark is displayed in the top-right corner of the thumbnail (see Screenshot No. 2). Touching further images selects these also.

Touching and holding an image remote from the first selection cause all the intermediate images to be selected. Should any image have been selected in error, simply touching that image causes it to be deselected.

The app also features a “smart” options menu. Once any image has been selected, the “more” option includes “Select all” and, when all images are selected, this option becomes “Deselect all”. Clearly there is considerable flexibility in selecting a set of images for further processing.

As might be expected, with multiple images selected, the delete icon offers the possibility to delete all of the selected images at once. Similarly, the copy and move options now function on all of the images that have been selected.

QuickPic offers a simple and intuitive means of viewing and deleting digital image files on an Android smartphone. But, for those needing more power and flexibility in image management, the app offers many additional functions.

If your image viewer/manager isn’t really up to the job, I would encourage you to give QuickPic Gallery a try. After all, it’s free, so install it, try it, keep it or delete it, depending on how it meets your specific needs and expectations.

Bottom Line:

QuickPic Gallery (Free Android App)
Cheetah Mobile

Originally published: November, 2016

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