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(Soft) Karaoke (Vorton Technologies) 27-Nov-99

Karen's Directory Printer Print out a list of files in a Windows' directory, or save it to a file for importing into a spreadsheet. Sep/08

KeePass Password Safe ("Keeping Passwords Safe") Store all your passwords in a secure open-source electronic vault. January/13

(A New) Keyboard and Mouse Microsoft's MultiMedia Keyboard and Wireless Intellimouse Explorer. Sep/04

Keyboard Layout Creator (MSKLC) (Microsoft) May/05

KeyView Pro 6 (Verity, Inc.) 24-Aug-98

Koala HTML Nov/01

KompoZer ("Composing HTML with KompoZer") An Open Source HTML editor Nov/14

LAZARUS An IDE for Free Pascal Feb/19

LibreOffice ("Office Suite Compatibility and Incompatibility") LibreOffice takes over from OpenOffice as an open-source office suite. October/12

(Linksys) Etherfast Cable/DSL Router: A hardware-based router. Feb/01

Linus Torvalds: Just for Fun – The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary A book about the early days of Linux creator Linus Torvalds. Sep/06

Lockhunter What do you do when you can’t safely remove an external USB drive because Windows indicates that some process has it locked? Enter Lockhunter – a free software tool. Mar/17

Lost & Found (PowerQuest) 27-Nov-99

Macrium Reflect Free Edition ("Reflections on Disk Imaging Software") Finally, a free disk imaging program that works! Sep/11

Macrium Reflect Free Edition (Freeware) ("Restoring a hard-disk image to an SSD") Mar/15

Mask Plugins (Extensis) 25-Nov-98

Master Visually Excel 2003 VBA Programming Book review Nov/15

MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility (Freeware) ("Checking Hash Sums") Check a file for corruption before trying to install it. Mar/15

MenuMaid - Right-Clicks in a New Context Mar/10

Microsoft Surface May/15

"Mind Hacks: Tips & Tools for Using Your Brain" (Book Review) (O'Reilly) Nov/05

MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition ("The Wizard of Disk Partitioning") An Freeware disk partitioning utility Nov/14

MiniTool ShadowMaker Free  A free disk imaging system developed by Vancouver-based MiniTool Software Ltd. Jun/19

Mozilla's Thunderbird ("Can we go to the next message? - Please!") (v.1.5) freeware e-mail client. Apr/06

MuPDF ("A Practical PDF Reader for Android") Jun/15

Need Traffic Control on Boot-up? – Call the Cops! (Review of Startup Cop Pro) Nov/05

Netcraft Anti-Phishing Toolbar (Netcraft) Oct/05

New Deal Office 98 (New Deal Inc.) 27-Feb-98

Norton DNS for Home ("Using DNS to avoid malicious sites") Block malicious websites. May/12

NotePad++ ("Two Pluses for a Notepad Alternative") A review of the Open Source NotePad++. Nov/08

NotePad++ ("Another Plus for Notepad++") A spell checker plug-in for Notepad++. Dec/08

NoteWhen - An electronic pad of "sticky notes" Nov/06

NTFSDOS (final component of Administrator's Pak v3.0) (Winternals Software) June/02

Open File Manager v.5.1 (St. Bernard Software) 14-Jun-98

OpenOffice 2.0 (Another Day at the Office) Mar/06

Opera (“Farewell past, happy dreams of days gone by”) If you are not happy with other web browsers out there, give Opera a try. It's free. Sep/18

Optical Character Recognition (Caere, Xerox, Adobe) 25-Nov-98

Optoma Pico Pocket Projector This tiny projector packs a BIG punch! Jan/12

OurGroceries Shopping List The simplest way to keep your grocery lists instantly synchronized on all the smartphones in your household - and it’s a free app! May/17

Painter 3 (Kai Power Tools) 27-Nov-99

PartitionMagic 3 (PowerQuest) 27-Feb-98

PartitionMagic 4 (PowerQuest)

PartitionMagic 5 (PowerQuest) Jan/00

PartitionMagic 6: The latest magic from PowerQuest Jan/01

Partition Magic 7 Jan/02

PC-Decrapifier (Mini-Review) This free program will remove bloatware that is slowing down your system. June/11

PDF-XChange Viewer ("Another view of PDF files") Mar/16

PDF-XChange Viewer, a further review - Part 1 A more detailed review of this free PDF viewer from another perspective Apr/16

PDF-XChange Viewer, a further review - Part 2 Part 2 of a more detailed review of this free PDF viewer. May/16

pdfFactory and pdfFactoryPro (FinePrint Software) Sep/04

PDFTK Builder ("Modifying PDF Documents") A free program with some useful features that will let you do simple modifications on an existing PDF file. September/12

PerfectDisk 2000 Apr/03

Personal Firewall Plus (McAfee Security/Network Associates) Mar/04

PGPfire Sept/01

Photo Story - So, you want to be a movie director? Jan/07

Picasa – Image Management by Google Jan/07

PickPick ("Screen Capture in Windows 7") A free program to recaputure the lost art of capturing screen shots in Windows 7. June/12

Pivot Pro (Portrait Displays, Inc.) Jun/04

Power Data Recovery ("When Good Disks Go Bad - Part 1") This tool can recover corrupted files. Oct/17

Power Data Recovery ("When Good Disks Go Bad - Part 2") Some shortcomings of this software are examined. Nov/17

Protecting your passwords Chris Taylor compares three products that can generate and store all your passwords. Nov/18

Proxomitron Feb/03

PTB Sync (ElmuSoft) Mar/04

Publisher 98 (Microsoft Corporation) 27-Sep-98

Quick Assist This update to the Remote Assistance program which was included in previous versions of Windows is a little cleaner and easier to use. Nov/16

QuickPic Gallery ("A Picture Gallery for your Android Smartphone") A free digital image management system. Nov/16

Quick Shadow Backup (Me and My Shadow) Use this freeware program to easily backup your files. Nov/10

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