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(The)123 of digital imaging (electronic book review) Dec/05

ACDSee - A Canadian Image Management System Feb/05

Acer Aspire One Take a look at Acer's smallest and most portable notebook. Feb/09

Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0 Modify disk partitions on the fly. Apr/09

Acronis True Image 2009 ("Image is Everything") Backup and restore your hard drive with Acronis True Image 2009. June/09

Active Tray 1.1 (Divcom Software) Apr/04

Administrator's Pak v3.0 - ERD Commander 2002 (Winternals Software) Apr/02

Airnef Use Wi-Fi to transfer photos, videos, and other file types from your camera to your Windows or Apple computer. Apr/16

Alpha Five v4.5 Relational Database (Alpha Software) Jun/02

AOPR Pro v3.03 (ElcomSoft) Recover your lost passwords with Advanced Office Password Recovery Professional. Apr/05

Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 Free Burn discs quickly, easily, with maximum quality and minumun hassle. June/12

Audacity ("Recording Directly from a Sound Card") Jan/15

Audio CD MP3 Studio and HyCD Play&Record (It really is easy to make your own CDs) Jun/00

Auslogics' BoostSpeed 5 ("Give Your Machine a Boost") Its powerful tools will clean up, speed up, and repair your system. May/11

Auslogics Disk Defrag (Better Disk Defragging – Upside Down?) A review of Auslogics Disk Defrag, a freeware program from 'down under'. Oct/07

AxCrypt: File Encryption with AxCrypt Jan/09

Backup Plus: Reduce Backup Frustrations (Avantrix Inc.) Nov/00

Backup Programs ("Finding a Backup Program") Our President, Chris Taylor, compares several free and retail backup programs and chooses one. Feb/16

Batch File Renamer (Ezyware) Building a Better Image Nov/09

BlackICE Defender

Bootable CD with no CD (How to Create)! A review of two programs: Total Mounter (Freeware) and Rufus (Open Source). Feb/14

Bulk Rename Utility ("Batch File Renaming") Mar/14

Call Control ("Blocking those Da*n Telemarketers") A free Mobile App May/17

Cambridge Chemistry

Capture2Text ("On-Screen OCR") You don't have to print and scan protected text to do OCR. Just run OCR directly from the screen with this open-source program. June/14

CCleaner Really clean up your hard drive, including your registry, with this free program.Sep/06

CDBurnerXP Burn CD's and DVD's for free – with CDBurnerXP Sep/09

CD-Finder Pro: "a thing of beauty" Sep/03

CD-R and CD-RW Burning 101 - part 1 Oct/02

CD-R and CD-RW Burning 101 - part 2 Nov/02

Choosing a Digital Camera June/01

Connectix Virtual PC for Windows Feb/02

ContextConvert Pro v1.3 Nov/03

Copying vinyl to CD for less than five bucks May/05

Copying vinyl to CD for less than five bucksPart II June/05

Copying vinyl to CD for (one hundred and) five bucks (using Easy Media Creator 7) – Part III Sep/05

Corel Painter X Feb/08

Corel Snapfire Plus Corel's photo manipulation program. Nov/07

Corel turns a big 10! CorelDraw 10 May/01

Cryptxt v3.21 - Encryption Software Sep/03

Defrag Commander Personal Edition Feb/02

Desktop Restore ("Saving and Restoring the Desktop") Keep your desktop icons where you want them with this free program. Sep/18

Digital Image Pro 9 (Microsoft) May/04

Digital Photography, Expert Techniques (Book Review) (O'Reilly Books) Nov/04

Disk Commander v1.1 and Remote Recover v2.0 (Winternals Software) May/02

DiskAlert (Executive Software) May/02

Diskeeper 3.0 (Executive Software) 25-Nov-98

Diskeeper 5 May/00

Diskeeper 6 SE Oct/01

Diskeeper 7.0 Feb/03

DOSBox ("DOS-in-a-Box") An Open Souce DOS emulator Feb/15

Drivecopy (PowerQuest) 25-Nov-98

Drive Copy 3.0 & Drive Image 3.02 Sep/00

DriveCopy 4.0 Nov/01

Drive Image (PowerQuest) 27-Feb-98

Drive Image 4.0 Dec/00

Drive Image v.5.0 Mar/02

Drive Image 7 (PowerQuest) Feb/04

Dropbox ("File transfer using Dropbox") Jan/18

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional May/09

EaseUS ToDo Backup Free 6.5 A free and easy backup program that can do incremental images. Mar/14

Easy Media Creator 7 (Roxio) Apr/05

Easy Media Creator 7 (Roxio) ("Copying vinyl to CD for (one hundred and) five bucks – Part III") Sep/05

Easy2Boot ("Multi-Boot for UEFI") Create a multi-boot USB drive for new computers that don't support it. Mar/16

eClean 2000 for e-mail legibility Mar/01

Electronic File Shredding Freeware to shred those sensitive files or wipe an entire hard drive. May/09

eMule A free Peer-to-Peer program for sharing music and other files. Jan/05

Encarta Reference Library 2004 DVD Plus (Microsoft) Jun/04

ERD Commander 2002 (Administrator's Pak v3.0) (Winternals Software) Apr/02

E-Remove: A pre-processor for incoming e-mail. Nov/01

Etherfast Cable/DSL Router: A hardware-based router Feb/01

EVEREST Home Edition: What's inside the box? EVEREST Home Edition is a freeware program that will tell you what hardware you have in your computer. Apr/07

Excel 2007 - The Missing Manual A book review Oct/07

Excel Compare: Identifying Changes to Excel Spreadsheets (Formula Software, Inc.) Nov/04

Excel Programming with VBA Starter ("Looking a gift horse in the mouth?") Book review. Apr/15

Exploring Linux - Part 1 A comparison of the Ubuntu and Knoppix versions of Linux. May/06

Exploring Linux - Part 2 June/06

Exploring Linux - Part 3 Oct/06

Exploring Linux - Part 4 Nov/06

Exploring Linux - Part 5 Apr/07

Exploring Linux - Part 6 Sep/07

Exploring Linux - Part 7 Nov/07

Exploring Linux - Part 8 Jan/08

Exploring Linux - Part 9 Apr/08

Exploring Linux - Part 10 Jun/08

Exploring Linux - Part 11 Dec/08

Exploring Linux - Part 12 Apr/09

Exploring Linux - Part 13 Oct/09

Exploring Linux - Part 14 Feb/10

Exploring Linux - Part 15 Sep/10

Exploring Linux - Part 16 Jan/11

Exploring Linux – Part 17 June/11

Exploring Linux – Part 18 Sep/11

Exploring Linux - Part 19 Jan/12

Exploring Linux - Part 20 Feb/12

Exploring Linux - Part 21 Mar/12

Exploring Linux - Part 22 May/12

Exploring Linux - Part 23 November/12

Exploring Linux - Part 24 March/13

Exploring Linux - Part 25 May/13

Exploring Linux - Part 26 Jan/14

Fairstars CD Ripper ("CD Ripping") A Freeware CD ripping utility Nov/14

File Renamer Basic A freeware program to easily rename batches of your digital files. Oct/10

File Shredder and HDShredder ("Wipe Out Old Data") Remove all traces of data from your computer with these free programs. May/16

FileZilla - Open Source FTP Mar/05

Flash animations on the Web: an introduction Dec/01

FolderSync – File Comparison and Directory Synchronization Sep/06

FotoFusion Pro v3.7 Edit your photos and arrange them in beautiful collages. Feb/07

FoxReader vs. Adobe Reader (Foxit Software) Oct/05

Free Pascal ("A Free Pascal Compiler") Jan/19

Freedom Internet Privacy Suite Mar/01

FreeFileSync ("File and Folder Synchronization Revisited") An alternate free file synchronization program to Microsoft's SyncToy. November/12

GIMP ("Digital Image Editing with GIMP") An open-source digital editing program. October/12

GIMP Intelligent Scissors Cut an object out of a photograph for use as a stand-alone image with this open-source program. Jan/19

GIMP "Save as JPG" Plug-in" ("Saving JPG Files in GIMP") Apr/15

Gizmo Central ("Virtual CD Management") Jun/15

GlassWire  A free firewall that monitors both inbound and outbound internet traffic. June/18

"Google Hacks: Tips and Tools for Smarter Searching": A Book Review Jan/06

Google Keyboard ("Speech to Text App") Jun/15

GParted – A little open-source “partition magic” Nov/08

gps4cam   If your camera doesn't have built-in GPS, this app can geotag your photos. Oct/19

Greenshot A small, powerful, flexible screen capture program - and it's free! Nov/13

HDShredder and File Shredder ("Wipe Out Old Data") Remove all traces of data from your computer with these free programs. May/16

HDClone 4 (Mini-Review ) A free disk imaging program. Sometimes you get what you pay for... May/11

herdProtect This free program uses 68 search engines simultaneously to find malware on your computer. Sep/15

Hide in plain site Dec/01

High speed wireless internet, anyone? (Storm High Speed Wireless Internet) Mar/01

HoDoKu (Bernhard Hobiger) Play SuDoKu on your computer with this free program June/11

Homesite (Allaire Corporation) 03-Apr-98

HyCD Play&Record and Audio CD MP3 Studio (It really is easy to make your own CDs) Jun/00

IconRestorer ("Keeping Your Icons Straight") Keep your on-screen icons in their carefully arranged locations with this freeware program. April/13

ImageRecall 3 (Lost your digital photographs? - You need ImageRecall 3) Mar/07

Image Resizer Building a Better Image Nov/09

Images to PDF (i2pdf) Drop a bunch of images into this freeware program and have it create a PDF file. April/13

Incredimail Jan/02

InCtrl3 (Freeware: Neil J. Rubenking, PC Magazine) 12-May-98

InkSaver (Strydent Software) Sept/02

Internet Annoyances (a book review) Apr/06

Irfanview32 Graphics Utility Mar/02

iHateSpam (Sunbelt Software) Dec/02

I-SIG reviews bookmark organizers Mar/01

J5CREATE USB 3.0 DOCKING STATION (JUD481) Boomerang Feb/19

JPEG 2000 June/01

JSOff ("Toggling JavaScript in Firefox") Stop annoyances like video clip ads from loading in Firefox web browser. Mar/16

Just for Fun – The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary A book about the early days of Linux creator Linus Torvalds. Sep/06

Just Reminder ("Just Remind Me!") A free Mobile App May/17

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