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PTB Sync

by Jocelyn Doire

Have you ever wanted to keep the clock of your computer accurate? What about being reminded when somebody's birthday is approaching? Do you want to see a calendar? All those things have one thing in common; time. There are many programs out there that do just that, but I've never seen one that does it better than PTB Sync, and for that, all the author asks is to make a donation to any non-profit organization. The program has no spyware, no adware nor any of "these parasites", as the author calls them.



The main purpose of PTB Sync is to keep the time on your computer clock accurate using one of the atomic clocks available on the Internet. That feature is fairly easy to use, simply select whether you have dial-up connection or a permanent connection, and then let the program do the work in the background. If you wish, you can change many of the options such as which time server to use, how often you want to update the clock, set the time zone, and so on.

The second main function it does is to remind you of any event you wish. For example, to be reminded of April Fool's day one day in advance every year, you select the day with the calendar, set the repetition to "1 year", enter the message, and finally set the "Hint before" to "1 times every 1 days". 




If you want, you can set the program to do a number of things when the time arrives, such as sounding an alarm, show a message, or even start a program to do any number of functions such as starting a backup. PTB Sync has a fairly extensive list of holidays that can be added using the Holiday button. The program can adjust the dates depending on the moon for example, or display the age in the case of a birthday.

If you want, you can also add many kinds of calendars to your desktop. In the image above (left) you see the date, the lunar phase, a calendar and a list of upcoming events. The calendar function can also generate printed or HTML versions. It can also change the look of the system clock and display much more info such as the number of remaining days in year.

Finally, I have to mention the cute little green man that moves his eyes in a funny way, visible in all the configuration screens, and contrary to MS Clippy, I think you will like him.

The program is available at

Bottom Line:

PTB Sync
Free - with a request from the author for a donation to any non-profit organization

Originally published: March, 2004

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