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Drive Copy Evaluation

by Theodore A. May

All in all, Powerquest's Drive Copy is a very useful program. One restriction: the licence allows using the software only on one computer and the hard drive(s) permanently attached to it.

I used Drive Copy to copy my smaller (3GB) hard (source) drive to a larger 8.4 GB hard (target) drive.

First, I ran Scandisk to fix any problems on the source drive. Then I tried to copy the partitions onto the target drive. It did not work! It said the OS/2 Extended Attributes file was corrupt. It took me quite a while to find a disk with ATTRIB.EXE on it that allowed me to reset the file (EA DATA.SF) attributes to none and then delete the file. Then it was easy to copy the partitions.

There is one thing that you should know: if you don't want the partitions expanded to fill the new drive, then use the "Selective Partition Copy" selection instead of the "Entire Drive to Drive Copy" option. That way, you can set the new size of each of the partitions that you are going to copy: even all the partitions on the drive.

The functions of Drive Copy are included with the more expensive Powerquest software, Drive Image.

Bottom Line:

Drive Copy

Originally published: November, 1998

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