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2020 Newsletters (there are no newsletters in July and August)


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PDFReviews: Managing Smartphone Contacts; Articles: 2019 President's Report; Treasurer's Report - 2019; Scam Avoidance Tips; Bring on the Birds!; OPCUG Website Redesign - Again!; OPCUG Free Software Guide - Part 95


PDF Articles: Managing Email Addresses; My favourite whatchamacallit; No more raffles; Renaming photo files; Word Layouts; OPCUG Free Software Guide - Part 94

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Newsletters of the Ottawa PC Users' Group are available in PDF format. You will need a PDF viewer to read our newsletter such as:
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Foxit Reader 
PDF-XChange Editor (read our review)
All are free.

Here's how to get the OPCUG newsletter by email:

Create a Google Account

Any valid email address can be used as a Google Account. Pick an email address you want to use and browse to accounts.google.com. Click Create account and follow the instructions.

Make sure your new Google Account is functioning properly by going to accounts.google.com and signing in.

Sign up for the OPCUG Google Groups

Browse to groups.google.com. If you are not signed into your Google Account, click the Sign in button at the top.

 1. In Search for groups or messages, type OPCUG. The top of the search results will show Groups matching OPCUG. Click on See all 3.

 2. Click on OPCUG-Newsletter, then click the Join group button. In the resulting dialog box, you can opt to change some preferences, such as;

 a. If My display name shows as your email address you can change this to something like firstname lastname

 b. Email preferences can be changed to only send daily summaries or not email you at all when new postings are made (meaning you must manually check at the web site to see if there are any new postings)

 3. Click the Join this group button.

 4. You will then see the list of postings that have been made to the group. Click on any entry to see the actual posting.

More detailed instructions on how to join this and other OPCUG Google Groups are found here.

There are no issues of the newsletter published in July or August.