Q&A - Index of Topics

This index provides listings of the topics discussed in our Q&A sessions.  The individual sessions are listed by date in reverse chronological order.

Prior to July 8, 2020, Q&A sessions were held in person following the club’s regular monthly meetings or as Zoom video-conferences for which no  recordings were made.  The highlights of some of the individual topics that were discussed in these sessions are posted in the archives.  The titles of the postings, and links to the related archive files, are provided below.

More recently, our Q&A sessions have been held weekly as video-conferences.  The discussions for these sessions were recorded and stored as audio files.  The presentation files (PDF), associated audio recordings (M4A),  and the contents of the “Chat” windows (TXT) for the various sessions can be downloaded from the Q&A archives at: https://opcug.ca/qa-recordings/   

January 5, 2022

Share – Free Canadian Tax Software
Share – Fraud Watch
Share – OPCUG at the Ottawa Public Library
Share – tOM on Android – Mapping Apps
Share – Fantastic flash drive prices!
Share – Preparing to abandon the Windows’ ship (Part 13)
Share – Privacy Online – Part 2 – Browsers and Browser Settings



Fake flash drives

December 29, 2021

Share – Cryptographic hashes
Share – Power On: The story of Xbox
Share – Preparing to abandon the Windows’ ship (Part 12)
Share – Hard copy imaging to digital
Share – Browser Protection with µMatrix and µBlock Origin
Share – Privacy Online – Part 1 – The Internet

December 22, 2021

Follow-up – Scripts/Programs to Compress PDF files
Share – tOM on Android – Entertainment Apps
Share – Preparing to abandon the Windows’ ship (Part 11)
Share – Backup Batch File
Share – Key’n’Strokes
Follow-up – More on VPN’s

December 15, 2021

Share – tOM on Android – Communication apps
Computer Basics – Selecting multiple files
Share – Preparing to abandon the Windows’ ship (Part 10)
Ask – How to prevent hacking
Ask – Which VPN?
Ask – Scripts/Programs to Compress PDF files

December 1, 2021

Follow-up – Image Resizer bug
Share – FreeFileSync – Unusual Options
Share – Preparing to abandon the Windows’ ship (Part 9)
Ask – Can Outlook be stopped from blocking files?
Ask – Should I replace an old router?
Share – TrueCaller: Caller ID & Block
Share – Android updates
Share – Microsoft Edge security

Blocking py files in Outlook

November 24, 2021

Follow-up – Last week’s poll
Share – Windows 11 Accessibility
Share – Preparing to abandon the Windows’ ship (Part 8)
Share – Fixing corrupted Windows files
Share – Ça va où?
Ask – Directory Creation Dates

November 17, 2021

Ask – Have you upgraded to Windows 11?
Share – Unable to ZIP multiple files
Share – Rogers Advanced Security
Computer Basics – Cloud Storage (Part 2)
Share – Windows Update errrror…
Share – Preparing to abandon the Windows’ ship (Part 7)
Ask – Why do I get 505 email error?
Ask – Can’t send email when away

November 3, 2021

Computer Basics – Cloud Storage (Part 1)
Share – New PowerToys app – “Find My Mouse” and alternatives
Share – Recovering Android disk space
Share – Expanded eBook Loans
Share – New image tags from IPTC for accessibility
Share – Preparing to abandon the Windows’ ship (Part 6)
Share – Photopea
Ask – HP Wolf Security


October 27, 2021

Share – SANS #SecureTheFamily
Ask – Sharepoint
Share – You used to be a creative genius
Share – Preparing to abandon the Windows’ ship (Part 5)
Ask – Android or iPhone?
Share – Project Trove
Ask – Filename oddities

October 20, 2021

Share – Building a photo and video editing PC
Share – Efficient Google Searches
Follow-up – Copy Android call log
Follow-up – Convert MP3 to TXT
Computer Basics – Drive letter assignment
Share – Preparing to abandon the Windows’ ship (Part 4)
Share – Enhanced vaccine certificates
Ask – Adaptor heating up

October 6, 2021

Follow-up – Word can’t open old files
Share – Monitors
Share – Windows 11 coming soon…
Share – Preparing to abandon the Windows’ ship (Part 3)
Ask – Copy Android call log
Ask – Convert MP3 to TXT

Windows 11 coming soon

September 29, 2021

Follow-up – Video-conferencing app
Follow-up – Computer assistance
Share – Canada is a leader…
Computer Basics – Auto-forwarding from Gmail
Share – How GPS Receivers Work
Share – Converting HEIF images
Ask – Word can’t open old files

September 22, 2021

Follow-up – Updating Linux and installing apps
Share – Preparing to abandon the Windows’ ship (Part 2)
Share – Drones and videos
Ask – Video-conferencing app

Canada is a leader...

September 15, 2021

Computer Basics – Copying files
Share – Canada Topo Maps
Share – QR scanner tip
Share – Follow the water
Share – Preparing to abandon the Windows’ ship
Share – Installing Linux on a T100
Share – Make a date in Excel
Ask – What is a TF memory card?
Ask – Help wanted for Windows 10

September 1, 2021

Share – Paste text into Facebook
Share – Windows – System File Check
Computer Basics – Disk imaging
Follow-up – Solar Charging – Other Backup Power Sources
Ask – Organizing context menus
Ask – Equivalent fonts
Share – Share YouTube video with sound
Share – NFT photography art
Ask – Unstable Internet

Disk imaging

August 25, 2021

Follow-up – USB On-The-Go (OTG)
Follow-up – Feedback Hub
Follow-up – News and Interests Widget
Ask – GPS Navigation
Follow-up – File associations reset
Ask – Solar chargers
Follow-up – Removing ads in Windows 10

August 18, 2021

Follow-up – How can we (really) help?
Follow-up – Windows update to settings
Share – OneTracker – Package Tracker
Ask – How to combine video and audio files?
Ask – Identify Trustworthy Websites
Ask – Print from an Android tablet
Ask – Backup of Windows Settings
Ask – C Compiler
Share – How to buy a laptop

Print from Android tablet

August 11, 2021

Follow-up – Searching OPCUG’s Website
Follow-up – OPCUG Site Map
Share – Password reset done right
Ask – How do I remove duplicate folders in Outlook 2013?
Share – Internet of (Secure) Things
Follow-Up – Google Opinion Rewards
Share – Rogers Ignite firmware update
Share – Free font deal
Share – Create a file shortcut in Android

August 4, 2021

Follow-up – OPCUG Archives
Follow-up – Inkjet printers
Share – YouTube Computer Channels
Share – A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop?
Share – Recover deleted files in Windows 10
Share – Data Restore Tool
Ask – Links to other directories (folders)
Ask – Links to a web page

Link to a web page

July 28, 2021

Share – The carbon cost of an email
Follow-up – Audacity – A Tale of Two Forks
Share – Compressing PDF Files
Share – Setting the tone

July 21, 2021

Share: Restore points – Chris was wrong… again!
Share: Alan was also wrong (MuPDF)!
Ask – Windows Game Mode
Ask – WiFi extenders and security
Ask – HP ScanJet 6300C Scanner
Ask – WSL
Ask – pfSense Firewall
Share – Fire Awareness Apps
Share – Ransomeware: Are you at risk?


July 14, 2021

Share – SmartApps – Cx File Explorer
Share – Disable 5G in Samsung phones
Share: 2021 OPCUG Member Survey on Meeting Setting
Share – HelpNDoc

July 7, 2021

Ask – How can I set up a guest network on Rogers Ignite Internet Gateway
Ask – How do I find security settings on Rogers Ignite Internet Gateway
Share – Mapping postcodes in Excel
Share – Awake, a new Windows PowerToy
Ask – OneDrive as a photo editor – have YOU used it? Tell us what you think!
Ask – Netgear ReadyNAS Admin Account Blocked
Share – Audacity is being called spyware
Ask – AutoHotKey
Ask – Word 2013 can’t find templates
Share – Western Digital Offers

Wi-Fi Guest Network

June 30, 2021

Share – Does the Government of Canada Still Support the Open Internet?
Share – Western Digital My Book Live
Share – COVID-19 Vaccine Wait List Website
Follow-up – Windows 10 End of Life
Follow-up – Windows 11

June 23, 2021

Share – Remove backgrounds
Share – Face-swapping technology
Share – What’s next in Windows 11
Follow-up – More ways to free up space on Android devices
Share – Blocking Updates in Windows
Ask – System Restore Points
Share – Shrink Images with Irfanview

June 16, 2021

Share – Disable the News and interests widget
Share – Compressing images in Microsoft Office files to save space
Share – POPfile – a Bayesian classifier for E-mail
Share – Free-up disk space on Android

Reduce size of MS Office files

June 9, 2021

Follow-up – Fixing Windows Update
Share – Trouble-shooting steps
Share – Microsoft Access Primer
Share – Audacity
Ask – File Transfer from IBM-XT
Share – Dotto Tech Webinar Wednesday
Ask – ASUS ZenWiFi AX (XT8)
Ask – Reliability of On-Line Opinions?

June 2, 2021

Follow-up – Universal Plug and Play
Share – Basic Snipping Tool
Share – Greenshot
Share – Using Microsoft OneDrive
Ask – Are Square Payments Secure?
Share – Digital Inheritance

Microsoft Access Primer

May 26, 2021

Follow-up – WiFi key update interval
Share – USB Ports, Cables, Types, and Connectors
Share – PowerPoint screen video capture
Share – The absolutely, positively, easiest way to screen record in Windows 10
Share – Dictation.io
Ask – Gmail labels and folders and moves – oh my!
Ask – File Explorer Mysteries
Ask – Router configuration questions
Share – Fun Facts

May 19, 2021

Follow-up – Suggestions for topics
Share – Windows 10 v21H1
Ask – Mixplorer
Share – MuseScore
Ask – USB Drive Share via Router
WiFi Security guidance
Share – OPCUG’s Archives


May 12, 2021

Follow-up – Camera to Linux File Transfer
Follow-up – Installing apps with NPM
Share – Google Drive Tips
Share – Gmail shortcuts
Ask – Google analytics opt-out tool
Share – Covid Reporting for QC
Share – fooBar2000
Ask – How do I list files at a URL?
Share – Enhancer for YouTube

May 5, 2021

Follow-up – Changes coming to Google Photos policy
Share – World Password Day 2021-05-06
Share – Dead laptop salvage
Share – Checking your backups
Share – Sunrise/Sunset Alarms
Share – Clock Tuner
Share – Smartwatch Battery Charging
Share – Notifications while charging
Share – High Intensity Exercise Timer
Follow-Up – Wireless mice and keyboards
Share – Warpinator
Ask – Installing apps with NPM?
Ask – Hyperlinks not working in Outlook

Gmail shortcuts

April 28, 2021

Follow-Up – Stamping Out Robocalls
Share – Compass Steel
Share – Komoot – Cycling, Biking, Maps
Share – Precise GPS
Share – Maps.ME
Share – Walkmeter
Share – Excel Pivot Table Tips
Ask – Is Unchecky still supported?
Ask – Headphone stuttttter
Follow-Up – Problems with video on Zoom calls

April 21, 2021

Share – 1969 Apollo guidance computer
Share – Facebook is stalking you
Share – Microsoft Word Tips
Share – COVID Alert
Share – Atomic Clock
Share – CBC Listen
Share – Balancing Music and Voice in Zoom Fitness Classes
Share – Getting Your COVID Vaccination in Ottawa

CBC playlists

April 14, 2021

Share – Pwn2Own 2021
Share – PowerPoint Tips
Share – Eight generations of video game consoles
Share – Android Device Security
Share – Protect bikes from theft
Share – Pl@ntNet – A “Wiki-flora-pedia”
Ask – Premium AV suite conditions of use
Follow-up – Opening files in LO Writer
Share – More than you ever wanted to know about ODF

April 7, 2021 

Follow-up – Computer E-Magazines
Ask – What’s the NSIS folder?
Share – X-plore File Manager
Share – #ClashOfTheKeyCombos
Ask – Writer not opening at the end of the file
Ask – Excel with English Functions
Share – Scams in current circulation

NSIS folder

March 31, 2021

Share – World Backup Day
Topics/Speakers – USB plugs, ports, and more
Ask – Any writers out there?
Follow-up – Fewer posts to a semaphore?
Share – Hypnotix – Free IPTV
Share – Completely remove software
Share – Scam or spam?
Ask – Upgrading to Windows 10
Ask – Microsoft Teams/Password
Ask – Scam in Gmail Promotions?
Ask – Ubuntu Linux EOL
Share – Firewall Demo

March 24, 2021

Share – eReader Buying Guide
Follow-up – UnxUtils, a port of Unix/Linux commands to Windows
Follow-up – A better KeePass Android port
Share – Too many posts to a semaphore
Share – Working from home – YOW Canada
Share – Golfing from home – WGT Golf


March 17, 2021

Follow-up: Software backup via FTP/SFTP
Share: Zoom tips – some links to online resources
Share – PinePower 120W Power Supply
Follow-up: KeePass auto-type – a better way
Question: Full-disk encryption – how to do it? (SED’s)
Share: File & folder encryption (Axcrypt)
Share: Multi-platform encryption (Veracrypt)

March 10, 2021

Share – Computer eMagazines @ OPL
Share – Safing.io
Share – Software backup via FTP/SFTP
Share – Hosting a Zoom meeting

March 3, 2021

Share – Find hidden cameras
Share – VT4Browsers
Share – The Taxman cometh!
Share – Microsoft PowerToys Image Resizer
Ask – What do I need to know about outdoor video surveillance cameras?
Share – Are eBooks taking over the book marketplace?

eMagazines @ OPL

February 24, 2021

Share – Windows 10 21H1 is coming
Share – Michael Geist’s Law Bytes Podcast
Share – A (much) better Notepad
Share – Ebook formats
Ask – How do I use a Live-USB of a Linux distro?
Ask – Whose contact list was compromised?
Ask – Broken webcam

February 17, 2021

Share – Radio Garden
Share – OBS Studio
Ask – Microphone in Zoom
Share – Different Drive Numbers
Share – The most bizarre fix ever!
Share – SmartApp – Network Cell Info
Share – Google Play Family Library
Share – SmartApp – GSam Battery Monitor
Ask – Disk cloning vs. backup imaging
Ask – How to revive a “dead” computer

Boot Linux Once

February 10, 2021

Share – Find Windows 10 release dates
Share – Microsoft autofill
Share – SIM Card Hijacking
Share – Troubleshooting hardware
Follow-Up – Backgrounds, filters and profiles in Zoom
Share – Free security audits in Windows
Follow-Up – Modifying Pages in PDF Files
Ask – What’s a Cumulative Update Preview?
Share – Microsoft Ignite

February 3, 2021

Share – Who’s making all those scam calls?
Follow-Up – Movie file conversion
Follow-up – eReading Resources
Ask – Posting reviews; to-ID or not to-ID?
Ask – File History not working after Windows upgrade
Ask – PDF file editor
Ask – Buy a new computer or upgrade?
Share – Understanding Genetics
Ask – E-mail Scam
Ask – Expanding Q&A’s Reach

Zoom virtual backgrounds

January 27, 2021

Follow-up – Android VM
Follow-up – Registry cleaners
Share – BookBub
Share – Members-Only Forum
Ask – Gaming Lite
Ask – Visual C++ – why do I have so many installed???
Ask – Defragging – Part 1
Ask – Defragging – Part 2
Share – Google’s Issue Tracker
Ask – External hard drive life
Share – Trouble-shooting Windows Update

January 20, 2021

Share – RTX Voice
Follow-up – Java (not) updating
Follow-up – What’s up with Whatsapp?
Share – Newsletter List
Share – Omnicalculator
Share – VirtualBox

Do you need Java?

January 13, 2021

Share – Announcements List
Ask – 7-Zip vulnerability
Ask – Removing Camera Icons
Share – Android App – Weenet
Ask – Windows Updating – Continually!
Share – Troubleshooting 101
Ask – What’s up with Whatsapp?

January 6, 2021

Follow-up – Backup
Follow-Up – Autoplay Audio CDs
Share – Upgrade to Windows 10
Share – Securing Wi-Fi at Home
Share – Simple Search
Share – Blacklight
Share – Proton Calendar
Share – Shadow Cloud Computer
Ask – Wi-Fi Extenders
Ask – Wi-Fi Connectivity
Share – DNS and Security

Android VM

December 30, 2020

Follow-up – Disk Alphabet Soup
Follow-up – BrowserMetrics Eating Storage
Share – Dictation in Windows 10
Ask – What’s the best video-conferencing device for an aged parent?
Ask – Laptop camera not attached
Ask – What’s the status of the Secunia PSI “clone”?
Ask – How do I make CD/DVD’s play automatically?
Share – How to get a refund from the Google Play Store
Ask – Windows Backup Fails
Ask – How do I reliably test Internet speed?
Share – Android app as hearing aid

December 23, 2020

Follow-up – Wi-Fi dongles
Follow-up – SmartApp – Gboard
Share – Escape Voicemail Hell
Ask – Mixed-up screen display
Ask – Grey Zones in Windows 10
Ask – Electronic signatures in Word
Ask – What is Windows Core?
Share – “No” Free Space on Android
Ask – How do I kill an unwanted mail folder?
Ask – Screen orientation shortcut

December 16, 2020

Follow-up – How to digitize film
Share – Microsoft class action settlement
Share – Q&A Recordings
Share – dafont.com
Share – Gboard – The Google Keyboard
Share – Voting software & blockchain
Share – Updating software
Ask – How do I use Gmail’s Labels?
Ask – Video sound in video conferences
Ask – Should I upgrade Windows 8.1 to 10?


December 9, 2020

Follow-up – Microsoft Office Alternatives
Broken wireless card
SmartApp – KeePassDroid
SmartApp – Cache Cleaner
SmartApp – Opinion Rewards
Tweaking Chrome – Clear Chrome’s Cache, Run Chrome Incognito
Fix Your Microsoft Account

December 2, 2020

SmartApp – Changing Icons on an Android Smartphone
Keeping a drive alive
MS Office Alternative?
Can you be attacked by opening an E-mail message?
How safe is your digital doorbell?
How do I use Messenger.com?

MS Office Alternative?

November 25, 2020

Android vs. Linux: What’s the difference?
SmartApps: To Do Reminder
The Camelizer: Save money at Amazon
Photo editing basics: How to easily get started with photo editing
Google Play Store – Install button greyed out
What is a reasonable speed and price for Internet access?

November 18 2020

Follow-up – Computers at War
It’s 10 pm – Do you know where your files are?
Part 1: Backup and Indexing
Creating E-cards
Editing and organizing digital photos
Bug Tracking – Gimp 2.10.22

Digital Image Management

November 11, 2020

The ultimate guide to saving disk space – Follow-up
It’s 10 pm – Do you know where your files are?
Part 1: File and Folder Management
Controlled Folder Access
My computer did not update to Standard Time
The “Power” icon disappeared from my Taskbar

November 4, 2020

Problem with FTP connection to web server
The ultimate guide to saving disk space
Desperately Seeking Disk Space
Even More Space-Saving Options
Using a smartphone to call an elevator
Complain using the Windows Feedback Hub!
How do I choose security software?

File management

October 28, 2020

Shares wanted
Exporting Android’s contact file is incomplete
What can I do with a digital helper such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant?
Ransomware protection in Windows Defender
What charging protocol is best to preserve laptop battery life?
Trouble taking pictures with a cell phone in bright sunlight
Problem with Total Commander’s FTP client
Chat/audio files – How to Install Hyper-V in Windows 10?
Chat/audio files – Why is Cortana not available in the app store?
Chat/audio files – Green shield with a checkmark in the Zoom window
Windows 10 – Fall feature update

October 21, 2020

Index to Q&A Topics
Love Bug Virus
Windows 10 Version 20H2
Effectiveness of AV software on Android OS at EOL
Resolution, quality, and size of JPG image files
What can I do with a Chromebook that is at EOL?
Windows 10 – Account profile image
Ontario’s Digital Identity Project (digital wallet)
Windows 10 – Waking up dual monitors
Chat/audio files – USB adapters for multiple monitors
Chat/audio files – Stolen passwords
Chat/audio files – Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant

Index to Q&A Topics

October 14, 2020

Hard Drive Speed Up
History of Adobe
Local repair shops
Adobe Flash Player
Blackberry Passport
Clipart (favpng.com)
Microsoft Outlook – Delete folders

October 7, 2020

Microsoft Office blocked files
“Rescue” account
Windows 10 Installation
The KGB, The Computer and Me (Clifford Stoll)
If Microsoft Outlook is installed will that effect my Sympatico E-mail?
Windows 10 – Choose default apps by file type
EaseUS Todo Backup – Permission to make changes
Send a folder of files with password protection
Slow access on hard drive

September 30, 2020

Naked Security (Sophos video)
Windows 10 – Ancient Updates
Control software for Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000
The Dark Web
Android phone – Free up memory
Should I use a search engine other than Google to avoid being tracked?
How do I sync my Android phone with my computer?
Google Chrome pauses sync each time I start the program
Windows 10 – Distinguish a Wi-Fi enabled computer as a desktop or a mobile device
Draft photo book on my Android phone about to expire
E-transfer frauds

September 23, 2020

Email Cleanup
Windows Backup
Drive Space
Microsoft Office Problem Files
Blocked Files
Alternate Data Streams
Difference between AMD and Intel CPU’s
KeePass – Upgrade to new version
What cable do I need to make an Ethernet connection to my router?
Keynote Address at CIRA AGM Cyber-security Guru Bruce Schneier)
How do I protect my new smart fridge?

MS Office Problem Files

September 16, 2020

Gaming Computer
How can I change a monitor’s colour balance?
Switching ISP’s – A Progress Report
Microsoft Outlook – Access through webmail and an E-mail client
WordPerfect – Accessing old files
Multiple backups – Best management practices
Windows backup – Folder is empty
Microsoft Office 2010 – Multiple languages for spelling and grammar checks
Windows 10 – Do minor updates and bug fixes occur in the background or on startup?
Adding a second SSD and mirroring an existing SSD

September 9, 2020

PowerToys – New Feature – Video Conference Mute (Additional PDF file)
Windows Calculator
Windows 10 – Fix for defragging SSD’s
Defragging and TRIM
Disaster Recovery (Additional PDF file)
Recommendation for an “All-in-One” printer compatible with Ubuntu Linux
Recommendation for an Ottawa computer technician with experience with Ubuntu Linux
Can a personal webspace be set up in Google Drive?

September 2, 2020

Asus Transformer T100 – USB Selection Bias
Windows Clone – Linuxfx/Winfx 10
Windows 10 – Restore points
JavaScript – Scanner for vulnerabilities
Can malicious code be embedded in PNG files?
Bitdefender Premium VPN
Recommendation for a Linux distro


August 26, 2020

Q&A Recordings
E-mail addresses in Gmail
Immersive Reader in Edge
Dell laptop – No video input
Mutiple cores and hyperthreading
Weather Network App – Error creating the configuration file
Asus TUF A15 Gaming PC – Wacom Graphire2, USB-C dock, HDMI problems
Asus Transformer T100 – Fails to recognize certain USB drives
Logitech Spotlight (Additional PDF file)

August 19, 2020

Windows 10 Version 2004
Which E-mail provider is best and why?
Which Internet Service Provider (ISP) do you use?
Do you receive your TV signal over-the-air (OTA) and/or do you use a streaming service?
Windows Spotlight – Disable random images
Gmail and Windows Live Mail – Delete incorrect address
What causes a message to go to the Drafts or Outbox folder on my phone?
Windows 10 – Update & Shut down / Update & Restart
Google Docs (Additional PDF file)

No video input

August 12, 2020

Google – Privacy Checkup
Microsoft Teams
COVID Alert App
Caps Lock Key – Disable
Headset/microphone for video-conferencing
Changing ISP – Switching E-mail account
Data cap – Warning message
How do I turn off data on a Samsung phone?
Microsoft Outlook – Can’t access my contact list
Google Drive follow-up (Additional PDF file)

August 5, 2020

Finding licence keys – Magic Jelly Bean
VPN’s – SANS Institute
How do I uninstall a program that won’t uninstall?
Replacement laptop battery
Microsoft Office 2010 – End of support
Microsoft OneDrive – Free up disk space
Microsoft OneDrive – Deleting folders
Daily Information Security Podcast (SANS StormCast)
Microsoft Teams
Windows 10 – Microsoft account problem
PC Optimum card
Google Account – Complete your privacy checkup
Microsoft Outlook – Your Outlook settings are out of date

Geek Uninstaller

July 29, 2020

E-Waste – Salvation Army
Pop-up Ad for McAfee
How do you list installed apps?
Microsoft Family Safety App
Mozilla VPN
Secondary administrator account
What is needed for a gaming computer?
Tech Café – Ottawa Public Library Webinars
Old computer looking for a good home – Commodore 8032
GIMP – Simple & Complex (Additional PDF file)

July 22, 2020

Copying image files – ROBOCOPY
Locating folders with image files – ROBOCOPY, DIR, PowerShell
VPN’s and privacy
Run program as Administrator
Network Traffic
Data usage – Properties – Wireless setting – Random Hardware Addresses
TeamViewer alternative
WordPerfect X5
Archiving digital material
Digital legacy – executors, trustees
D Link Dir 859 Router
EaseUS Todo Backup Home – Recovery drive

Copying image files

July 15, 2020

Copying image files with xcopy
Using Internet Explorer
PowerToys – Image Resizer
Handbrake – Video Converter
Windows 10 – System resets, upgrades and tweaks
Recycling programme / E-waste

July 8, 2020

Fancy Zones
Faxing with Windows 7
Windows Defender – Pop-up ads
Microsoft Edge – Benefits
Microsoft Edge – Continue running background apps
Windows 10 – Forced shut down
Restore points vs. sfc /scannow
Windows 10 – BitLocker
Copy all files – For-in-do command, Windows Explorer, Everything
Avast Anti-Virus Software

Fancy Zones

Q&A – 2020

Always show file extensions
What should I look for in a new laptop computer?
[Don’t] Pay As You Go!
A quick look at VPNs
Take Control with Quick Assist
Freeing up More Disk Space

Q&A – 2019

Retrieving an “invisible” dialogue box
Change the drive letter on a USB drive
Is your password on this list?
Removing sensitive information from photos

Q&A – 2018

Freeing up Disk Space
How do I prevent a web site from redirecting me to their Canadian version?
Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities

Safe passwords

Q&A – 2017

Office Online
Computer won’t wake up from sleep mode
Useful options for Google searches
Prevent videos from running automatically on web pages
Desktop icons disappearing and then re-appearing
One time not to downgrade
Windows Update Stalled (Windows 10)
In-Place Upgrade to Windows 10
Five Scams That Won’t Make You Laugh on April Fool’s Day (30-Mar-2017)
The strange case of the disappearing icons
Keyboard shortcut for multi-language keyboards
How do I burn an ISO file”?
Tweaking File Explorer

Google search any time

Q&A – 2016

Updates refusing to install on Windows 7?
Getting Cortana to work
Using Tabs in File Explorer
Dubious practices for Windows 10 upgrades
Some backup programs are better – or more flexible – than others!
Windows 10 Help and Guidance
Windows 10: Increase the limit of items on jump lists
Ejecting USB drives in Windows 10
Turn off automatic updates in Windows 10
Check disk free space
Toggling JavaScript
Backup, backup… backup!
An easy way to empty the Recycle Bin in Windows 10
Windows Feedback

Backup your data!