Q&A - Recordings

PDF versions of the PowerPoint presentations, audio recordings of the associated discussions, and copies of the comments in the Chat window, from past weekly Q&A sessions are available in our archives.  An index of the topics discussed at these sessions an be found at: https://opcug.ca/qa-topics/

Wireless keyboards and mice

May 26, 2021

[Due to technical difficulties this evening the recordings are not up to our usual quality.  One of our hosts lost his Internet connection three times, and we forgot to start the recordings so that the audio and chat files don’t start until Slide 28 in the PowerPoint deck. Sorry ’bout that!]

20210526_PowerPoint (1.8 MB PDF)
20210526_Audio (24.8 MB M4A)
20210526_Chat (2 KB TXT)
Recording with PowerPoint (YouTube video by Lynda Buske)

May 19, 2021

20210519_PowerPoint (1.4 MB PDF)
20210519_Audio (58.8 MB M4A)
20210519_Chat (3 KB TXT)

May 12, 2021

20210512_PowerPoint (2.4 MB PDF)
20210512_Audio (555.1 MB M4A)
20210512_Chat (3 KB TXT)

May 5, 2021

20210505_PowerPoint (2.7 MB PDF)
20210505_Audio (66.5 MB M4A)
20210505_Chat (8 KB TXT)