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Creating a rescue account
Disaster Recovery
Multi-tasking, multi-processing and multi-threading
Immersive Reader in Edge
Keyboard Remapping
Finding Licence Keys
How do you list installed apps?
PowerToys – Image Resizer
How do I locate/copy all the image files on my hard drive?
Faxing from your computer
Fancy Zones
Always show file extensions
What should I look for in a new laptop computer?
[Don’t] Pay As You Go!
A quick look at VPNs
Take Control with Quick Assist
Freeing up More Disk Space

Don't Pay As You Go!

Q&A – 2019

Retrieving an “invisible” dialogue box
Change the drive letter on a USB drive
Is your password on this list?
Removing sensitive information from photos

Safe passwords

Q&A – 2018

Freeing up Disk Space
How do I prevent a web site from redirecting me to their Canadian version?
Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities

Q&A – 2017

Office Online
Computer won’t wake up from sleep mode
Useful options for Google searches
Prevent videos from running automatically on web pages
Desktop icons disappearing and then re-appearing
One time not to downgrade
Windows Update Stalled (Windows 10)
In-Place Upgrade to Windows 10
Five Scams That Won’t Make You Laugh on April Fool’s Day (30-Mar-2017)
The strange case of the disappearing icons
Keyboard shortcut for multi-language keyboards
How do I burn an ISO file”?
Tweaking File Explorer

Google search by time

Q&A – 2016

Updates refusing to install on Windows 7?
Getting Cortana to work
Using Tabs in File Explorer
Dubious practices for Windows 10 upgrades
Some backup programs are better – or more flexible – than others!
Windows 10 Help and Guidance
Windows 10: Increase the limit of items on jump lists
Ejecting USB drives in Windows 10
Turn off automatic updates in Windows 10
Check disk free space
Toggling JavaScript
Backup, backup… backup!
An easy way to empty the Recycle Bin in Windows 10
Windows Feedback

Backup your data!