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AWESOME DUPLICATE PHOTO FINDER  (FREEWARE) Remove duplicate photos from various folders on your hard drive.  Oct/20
AWESOME ICONS  (FREEWARE)  Customize your home screen icons on your Android device.  Dec/20
CAMELIZER A free browser add-on for tracking prices of Amazon products.  Mar/20
DEBUT SCREEN RECORDER SOFTWARE  (FREEWARE) Create a simple video tutorial.  Apr/20
FANCYZONES (A MICROSOFT POWERTOY) Define various zones on your desktop.  Dec/20
FREE VCF FILE TO CSV OR EXCEL CONVERTER and CSV TO VCARD (FREEWARE) Convert your smartphone contacts to a format that can be exported to another smartphone or a spreadsheet.  Feb/20

PDFSAM BASIC (OPEN SOURCE) PDF Document Management Revisited.  Sep/20

TREESIZE FREE Make some room on your hard drive with this free program.  Jun/20