Area: 17-History Submissions  Message Number: 1  Date: 09-09-02
 To: JOC
 Subject: The birth of TOMUG

Is it a bit of OPCUG history that the founders of The Ottawa Microsoft Users Group (a couple of local consultants) tried to start their club by exactly copying the OPCUG.

They booked meetings on the same night of the week (in a different week of the month), at the same location and charged the same membership dues.

They attempted to attract the newletter editor and sysop of the day to set up a duplicate environment for them. Luckily for us both refused.

Their first meeting was interesting... The whole front row of the auditorium at Sir Robert Borden was occupied by the OPCUG Executive!

The result was some general confusion and a slight split of the clubs membership as many folks did not want to attend a second meeting of a computer club.

Does TOMUG still exist?