Area: Private e-mail    Date: Mar 8, 2003
 Subject: Software Library

For the software library - I can pretty much guarantee that the revenue level you mentioned included all disk sales, not just the disk-of-the-month. I got involved with the software library the year after I joined the Group. The library always had 2 sections. There was a monthly disk with a variety of small programs, text files, etc on it. General interest stuff. Then there were "specialty" disks, which were either a single disk or series of disks that were either a single program, such as "PC Write" or a series of programs all on a single theme, such as "Disk Utilities" or "File Managers". I wish I still had an index to the software library. I will have to hunt around. Maybe I do. Anyhow... At one point we began selling subscriptions to the "Disk of the month" and many people took advantage of that. It gave them a modest discount and they got all 10 "disks of the month". Of course people were still free to buy just the ones they wanted and anyone could buy disks out of the specialty library.