Area: 11-Board of Directors    Message Number:4138    Date: 09-07-02
Subject: History

I don't have the dates of when this happened, but the history of our single name change, I do know that one well.

One year Bell Canada contacted me to say that, if we wanted our listing in the phone book (we had an answering machine line and at least a couple of data lines at the time) to say "Ottawa IBM PC Users'Group", we would need a signed letter from IBM indicating their permission for us to use their name. It is interesting to note that this was AFTER we had already had it listed that way for some time.

I contacted IBM and asked them. Their response was interesting. They said they would not send the lawyers after as for using their name in the name of the group, but their lawyers would not give us permission in writing. So we changed our name to drop the "IBM" part.