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On June 12th, 2013, at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, the OPCUG will be partnering with the KRC (knights refurbishing computers) INC in an eWaste collection, under the auspices of the Ontario Electronic Stewardship Council, and their agent, Evolu-tic of Gatineau. Items that can be reused for the KRC program will be retained and refurbished, while all other older or not-useful electronic items will be taken to the processing plant and properly disposed of, according to the very strict OES guidelines. Everyone is invited to rid their homes of items no longer required.

For both KRC and OPCUG, there will be some revenue generated, as well. KRC is provided with the princely sum of $150 per metric tonne of items accepted for disposal - so the big old heavy TVs and such are happily taken away; the revenue earned will be split with the OPCUG.

The OPCUG thanks the museum for the permission to hold the event and to Doug Drouillard of the KRC for providing all the technical support.

eWaste event location:
Canada Science and Technology Museum, 1867 St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa - under the tent near the entrance. The Museum is located approximately 10 minutes south-east of downtown Ottawa. Exit the Queensway (Highway 417) at "St Laurent South" and drive 2.6 km to Lancaster Road. Turn left. To reach the Museum by bus, use the OC Transpo travel planner. For details call OC TRANSPO at 613 741-4390.
Access to the drop off zone:
The drop off zone is under the tent, at the left of the entrance of the museum,. There is plenty of parking near the tent, please do not block the driveway of the museum. Let us know if you need some assistance, we will have many volunteers happy to help you.
The eWaste event will be on June 12th, 2013, from 5:30pm to 7pm.
Ample parking is available but as of May 1, 2013, the Canada Science and Technology Museum will charge parking fees at a rate of $1 per half hour with a maximum $6 per day, paid in advance, so expect to pay $6.00 if you park from 7:20pm to 10:10pm. Payment methods includes coins, VISA, and MasterCard, and the proof of payment must be left in the car and be visible in the front windshield. There is no gate at the entrance, but if they find that your proof of payment is expired or missing, you will get a city of Ottawa ticket.
Pizza night and OPCUG Meeting:
In parallel to the eWaste collection, the OPCUG will hold its pizza night, which is reserved for all its members only, but feel free to join our presentation at 7:30pm, all are welcome and it's free. For more information about our meeting please check our meeting's web page and our calendar.
For more information:
Contact info:
Jocelyn Doire, Program Chair
Tent near the entrance of the museum:
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