Calendar Calculator Operation

This is to replace the poorly written manual that is included with of the "Calender Calculator". I've tried to make it as accurate as I could, but there is no guarantees. All correction and suggestions are welcome; please email them to Alan German found and scanned another manual (422,017 bytes JPG file) that is better written and more accurate than the one included.

Keys and Front Panel

front panel
kt [TIME] ka [ALM/HOME] ks [SET/MRC] km+ [∧/M+] km- [∨/M-]
kc [6/%] k7 [7/LON] k8 [8/PAR] k9 [9/CAI] kd [¸/MOW]
kn [e/$] k4 [4/KHI] k5 [5/BKK] k6 [6/HKG] km [X/TYO]
kce [CE] k1 [1/SYD] k2 [2/WLG] k3 [3/HNL] k- [-/LAX]
kac [AC] k0 [0/DEN] kp [./CHI] ke [=/NYC] k+ [+/RIO]

Unresolved questions


Starting the Calendar Calculator

Time Setting

World Time Inquiry

Alarm Setting

Key and Hour Tone

Count Down timer Setting

Month Inquiry

Calculator Operation

Money Conversion

Battery Replacement

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