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	From: "Jocelyn Doire"
	To: "BOD"
	Subject: RE: 2006 03 BOD Meeting Minutes
	Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 23:30:37 -0500
	Hi Brigitte,
	I'm having a bit of trouble to understand the dates for the contest, so I
	did the following calendar: it has the dates for the general meetings, the
	BOD meetings, the deadlines to submit articles for the newsletters (the
	Sunday following the BOD meeting), and the dates when the newsletter is
	emailed (I assumed the following Wednesday).
	I added a question mark beside the dates I was not sure.
	At the last BOD meeting, we agreed that the winner of the contest would be
	announced at the June meeting.
	Based on what Chris wrote, the voting would start one day after the
	emailing of the newsletter, so according to my calculation it would be on
	May 25. As I recall, we said that the voting would end one day before the
	general meeting, so that would be June 13.
	I don't understand why articles for the contest needs to be submitted by
	April 16, should that date be extended to May 21, the same date for the
	submission of articles for the June's newsletter?
	Please review the following calendar and let me know what should be
	Apr 12  General Meeting
	Apr 16? Last day for contest submission
	Apr 18  BOD Meeting
	Apr 23  Last day for newsletter submission
	May 26? May's newsletter emailing
	May 10  General Meeting
	May 16  BOD Meeting
	May 21  Last day for newsletter submission
	May 24? June's newsletter emailing
	May 25? Start of voting
	Jun 13? End of voting
	Jun 14  General Meeting, BBQ, Winner is announced
	Jun 20  BOD Meeting
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	From: "Brigitte Lord"
	To: "BOD"
	Subject: Re: Contest dates
	Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 17:33:24 -0500
	Back in December, the contest rules were amended and a new deadline of April 16 was agreed
	upon. That is what has been on the contest page since then. It was agreed at December's
	BOD meeting. It also went out as an announcement when it was changed.
	If you don't mind, I'll leave it at April 16. I don't think there will be any submissions
	past that anyway, and I don't want to make another announcement about the rules changing
	From December's BOD minutes:
	The last valid article for the
	contest is due for the May's newsletter, and the deadline for
	the vote will be 2 days before the June's meeting.
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	From: Bob Thomas
	To: "BOD"
	Subject: RE: 2006 03 BOD Meeting Minutes
	Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 07:01:31 -0500
	Perhaps it would be a good idea for the journalistic activities across and
	within Newsletters to be added to the list, Joc.
	Receiving and reviewing submissions, Layout, Content and Format within and
	across issues are all activities that do require the newsletter editor's
	time to prepare issues to be sent to the printers.
	Bob T.  
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	From: "Jocelyn Doire"
	To: "BOD"
	Subject: RE: 2006 03 BOD Meeting Minutes
	Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 17:59:32 -0500
	Hi Bob T.,
	my main objective for listing some dates in my previous message was to try
	to understand the reason why the April 16 was selected for the deadline to
	submit articles for the contest.
	There has been some discussion to get someone to help Brigitte to collect
	material for the newsletter, but as far I as know, there has been no
	problem with the scheduling.
	Your message gave me the idea to make a calendar for the OPCUG, I hope that
	some will find it useful.

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	From: Jocelyn Doire"
	To: "BOD"
	Subject: Calendar
	Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 14:42:25 -0500
	I've improved some more the calendar by changing the colours of the days of
	the weekend (visible only in IE) and removed the empty cells at the
	beginning of the months.
	I was not quite happy with the size of the logo, so I did another one that
	is 100px wide https://opcug.ca/history/logo/opcug100.png.
	I've tried to add some more dates, but I found out that many of them are
	not so easy to pin down.
	The constitution says "The Annual General Meeting shall be held in January
	or February", but traditionally we had the AGM in February, so I put it on
	Feb 22.
	The constitution says "The newly elected Board of Directors will assume
	their duties following the Annual General Meeting", and traditionally we
	had the BOD start at the next BOD meeting, so I put it on Feb 28.
	The constitution says that the "Elections Committee [...] shall be
	recruited by the Secretary each year, and announced to the membership at
	least two months prior to the Annual General Meeting". Traditionaly, we
	have announced that the end of the nomination period ends Dec 31.
	I found no clear date for the start of the nomination period, but
	traditionnaly we started in Nov and given the mention of the two months, so
	I've put the start of the nomination period on Nov 1. That's the date I'm
	the most unsure about.
	Finally, I've added the date for the start of the best article contest.
	Brigitte says the contest started in September, so I've put it as Sep 1.
	Let me know if someone feel I should move or add a different date.

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