Ottawa PC Users' Group (OPCUG)

Troubleshooting Workshop


Sorry you missed us. Watch this space for any future workshop announcements.

But, if you have a specific computer problem, consider joining club members at one of the Q&A sessions that follow our regular meetings. For full details, see:



The Ottawa PC User's Group is offering a hands-on workshop to provide technical support for your personal computer. For example, is booting slow because there are too many bundled applications (bloatware) trying to load at start-up? Do you need help to manage all the files and folders on the hard disk? Is assistance required to make sure that everything is adequately backed up? Or, would a system of E-mail folders and/or message filtering be useful? Our expert members can help with these issues - and probably many others that you find difficult.

The workshop will be held on Saturday, October 26, 2019 from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm at CompuCorps' Support Centre, 1040 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, ON K1Y 4L3.

OPCUG's computer doctors don't do house calls. You will have to bring your system to the workshop and be willing to have us tinker with your machine. Alternatively, perhaps you have a more general issue with computer operation, organization, or usage of a specific piece of software (e.g. Gmail). It may well be possible for our experts to troubleshoot your issue with you using one of the computers in CompuCorps' computer lab.

And, if you need to replace a broken part, want to upgrade to a larger hard drive, or add memory, you may just find a refurbished bargain in CompuCorps' Techstore. OPCUG members can obtain a 20% discount on any purchases at the on-site store.

The workshop is free for OPCUG members. Non-members will need to pay a registration fee of $20.00 which will include a one-year membership in the club (a $20.00 value!)

So, don't delay. We anticipate that this workshop will be a "hot-ticket" event! Send the E-mail describing your problem now - and ensure your place on the workbench! And, after a hard morning's work, everyone will probably be ready for lunch - and a beverage! So, if you would like to join the group at a local eatery following the workshop, let us know, and we'll also reserve a spot for you at that table also.



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