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2018 Fall Workshop
Computer Tune-up

The motto of the Ottawa PC Users' Group (OPCUG) is "Users Helping Users", a task we have undertaken for more than 35 years. In accordance with this tradition, the club is offering a Fall Workshop with four technical sessions designed to help computer users get the best out of their machines.

Does your computer need a tune-up - or perhaps replacement? We have the information that you need to decide and the expertise to show you how. Members of the Ottawa PC Users' Group will explain things like the difference between GB and GHz, the types of processors currently available, display screen resolutions and other features that will help you select the new computer or component that will suit your needs. One of the most effective means of speeding up a computer is to upgrade the hard drive with a solid state drive (SSD). Sure, you can have a computer shop install an SSD for you, but we will show you just how easy it is to do yourself. Having trouble getting that new Wi-Fi printer connected to your system? We can show you how to make this happen. And, finally, any computer system can benefit from a tune-up of its operating system. We have all the tips, tricks and traps that will let you optimize Windows to run efficiently on your machine.

Each topic will be presented by one of our club's most experienced members, giving you the benefit of the their knowledge and expertise. All of the presentations will be made available to workshop registrants for downloading as PDF files. In addition, questions from participants are encouraged. If something isn't clear, please ask. We want you to leave our workshop with all the answers!

For anyone who needs to know how to use their computer more effectively, this is a not-to-be-missed event. Register today, and tell all your friends and relatives - who are not yet OPCUG members - about our workshop. They won't want to miss it either.

Computer tune-up


Register now! The workshop will be held on Saturday, November 3, 2018 (10:15 am to 4:45 pm) at the Beaverbrook Branch of the Ottawa Public Library, 2500 Campeau Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K2K 2W3 (Google map:

There is no cost to attend this workshop. It is being held through a partnership between the Ottawa PC Users' Group and the Ottawa Public Library.

However, note also that registration for the workshop is limited to 30 participants due to the room size that we have available. Don't be disappointed. Register to attend this workshop today.

Register on the Ottawa Public Library's web site.


The four technical sessions will be as follows:

Windows Performance Tune-up

If your Windows computer is getting sluggish, you don't have to re-install Windows just to gain back lost performance. Chris Taylor, President of the Ottawa PC Users' Group and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, will demonstrate and explain how to safely use many native and 3rd party tools that can help speed up Windows. While a few techniques are exclusive to the latest version of Windows 10, most also apply to older versions of Windows.

Tune-up toolbox


My SSD is faster then your HDD!
Solid State Drive

Upgrading Your Existing PC

It might not be necessary to throw out that old PC... There are several cheap and easy things you could do to speed up your old system. Some of the hardware items relate to memory (RAM), the video card, and the hard drive. Adding more memory to a machine can increase the performance and it's as simple as pressing memory sticks into empty slots on the motherboard. The same goes for replacing or adding a higher performance video card. However, your computer's processor and memory may be fast but the thing that will likely slow the system down is the hard drive. Sure, the mechanical platter spins at several thousand revolutions per minute, but this is really sl-o-w when compared to the speed of the electronic components. Today, we can speed things up dramatically by swapping out the old hard disk for a shiny new solid state drive (SSD). The cost of SSD's has dropped tremendously in the last few years, and an SSD for home use is now eminently affordable. As with RAM and video cards, it's easy to extract the old hard drive and insert a new SSD into a computer. In this session Alan German, OPCUG's Treasurer, will tell you - and show you - how to do all of the above!


Configuring printers

Installing peripheral devices in computers can often be an exercise in frustration. Even with "plug-and-play", it isn't always obvious what the Windows operating system wants us to do. This is especially true for Wi-Fi connected printers. Often there are specific tricks to making such printers work. Jocelyn Doire, OPCUG's Special Events Coordinator, has all the tips you need to get your printer humming!

Wi-Fi Printer


Which computer?

How to Buy a PC

When buying a PC, you are faced with a lot of choices, laptop or desktop, dual or quad core processor, AMD or Intel? How big a hard drive do you need? Is there such a thing as too large a monitor? Is it better to buy a faster processor or more memory. What about all-in-ones and tablets? Chris Taylor and Alan German will help sort out the choices so you can buy the computer that is right for your needs.