2006 OPCUG Workshop

Here is the workshop description and the results of the evaluations.

Many people contributed to the workshop as described by Chris:

I would like to thank you for attending the OPCUG 2006 Workshop on Computer Hardware and Home Networking. I hope you learned some new things that will help you to use computers more effectively. And I hope you will share your newfound knowledge with others in the spirit of the OPCUG motto, "Users Helping Users"

And I hope you had some fun too.

To all the new members, welcome to the Ottawa PC Users' Group. Half the fee paid for the workshop goes toward a one-year membership in the Group. If you are unfamiliar with the Group, you can find out more information at https://opcug.ca. I hope to see you all at the general meetings.

In particular, I would like to draw your attention to the next general meeting, which will be Wednesday, December 13th. at 7:30 PM. The meeting location is the Canada Science and Technology Museum, 1867 St. Laurent Blvd. Harley Bloom, from Bloom Microtech will be coming out for his 8th annual Christmas gift show. Always a really big hit, Harley will be showing us what's new in computing gear ranging from stocking stuffers to full gaming systems. And Harley usually has a few specials you can take advantage of.

For those who were looking for the source of the BGInfo program I used at today's workshop, the original web site (www.sysinternals.com) is now redirecting to the new home on the Microsoft site at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysinternals/default.mspx. BGInfo is at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysinternals/Miscellaneous/BgInfo.mspx. All the utilities that were distributed for free at the sysinternals site remain available and free now that Microsoft bought Winternals. Some terrific utilities are available there. Be sure to check them out.

I was negligent in my tardiness in thanking people who helped put together the workshop. By the time I remembered, some people had already left and many were on their way out, so allow me to rectify that by thanking them here and now. And so, in no particular order...

Vince Pizzamiglio has been a member for many years. He is a former Treasurer for the group and has presented at past workshops. His presentation today on computer hardware was entertaining as well as educational. I was captivated by his presentation. My warmest thanks to Vince. Oh, and if you would like to nominate yourself for the OPCUG Board of Directors for 2007, Vince will happily accept your nomination.

Alan German is the OPCUG Treasurer. Alan took care of a lot of the logistics such as arranging the room, hounding the speakers to ensure presentation materials were completed on time, creating the master of the CD-ROM everyone received, and of course took care of the financial aspects of the workshop.

Brigitte Lord not only does double-duty on the Board of Directors, but the two positions she holds down are pretty demanding - Web Master and Newsletter Editor. Brigitte kindly donated her time to ensure we were well fed today. Wonderful choices, Brigitte and I think nobody went hungry.

Mark Cayer has been the Membership Chairman since ... forever, it feels like. He also takes care of mailing the hard copy newsletter. Mark is always willing to pitch in and help out at events such as the workshop, where he manned to registration table.

Wayne Houston is the OPCUG Privacy Director. Wayne gave up his Saturday to pitch in and help out. He helped by bringing a lot of the little bits and pieces like duct tape and extension cords that are needed and helped with the setup and tear down.

Jocelyn Doire is another long-time member of the OPCUG. He has been Secretary for many years. As well, he has been a SIG coordinator, takes care of the electronic distribution of the newsletter and has presented at past workshops. Joc helped out today with taking care of coffee and the evaluation forms. I hope you all got a chance to fill out an eval form. If not, send an email to Joc and I am sure he would be happy to send you an electronic copy of the eval form that you can fill out and email back.

Gail Eagen is the newest member of the Board of Directors and has taken over as Secretary now that Joc is unable to continue in that role due to work conflicts. Gail helped out with the registration table today. Oh, and she brought the desk lamp. (Gail told me not to say, "Oh and Gail brought a lamp", so I couldn't resist. Sorry, Gail). Truly, thank you. All contributions to the smooth running of the workshop are truly appreciated.

Bert Schopf is a long-time member of the OPCUG. He has been Chairman, Newsletter Editor, SIG Coordinator, has presented at past workshops, and generously allows the Board of Directors to hold monthly meetings in his office. Bert created the advertisement for the workshop that appeared in the newsletter and in the newsletter (see - page 7). Bert runs a business "Blackbird PCD" doing publication design. You can see his web site at http://www.blackbirdpcd.com.

Glenn Lisle is the Publisher and Managing Editor or Monitor Magazine. Glenn has generously donated space in Monitor for our ad as well as more detailed information about the workshop. Thanks very much Glenn. Glenn can be reached at editor@monitor.ca. Monitor Magazine's web site can be reached at http://www.monitor.ca/monitor/

Marsee Henon at O'Reilly & Associates runs their user group program. Marsee saw to it that we were well supplied with a dozen terrific books on computer hardware and networking for door prizes. Thanks much to Marsee and O'Reilly. Be sure to visit their web site at http://www.oreilly.com. And don't forget - members of the Ottawa PC Users' Group get a discount of 35% on all books and DVDs. See https://opcug.ca/promos.htm#oreilly for details on how to get the discount.

I, Chris Taylor, am the President of the OPCUG. Over the years I have helped out in a few other areas to do my bit to help the OPCUG run smoothly. I was happy to have an opportunity to share what I know about home networking. I hope you found it useful.

Another workshop comes to a close. I hope you all found it useful and a worthwhile way to spend a Saturday. This email address (workshop2006@opcug.ca will remain active for a few more weeks and then will be permanently shut down. It is already beginning to receive spam and has only been active for a few months.

On behalf of all those who contributed to the creation and running of the workshop this year, I would like to extend my thanks to you for attending. It was a blast.

Chris Taylor
President, Ottawa PC Users' Group

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