2005 Digital Imaging Workshop

Here is the workshop description, the evaluation form and the results of the evaluations.

Many people contributed to the workshop, including:

Alan German Organisation
Brigitte Lord Lunch
Mark Cayer Registration
Wayne Houston Helper
Chris Taylor Presenter: Buying a Digital Camera
Bert Schopf Presenter: Image Processing
Harald Freise Presenter: Output Options
Jocelyn Doire Presenter: Problems and Solutions

IMG_5084.JPG IMG_5085.JPG IMG_5086.JPG IMG_5089.JPG IMG_5092.JPG
What's happening to my thumb? Mmmh, here's the good coffee! That's here that the workshop happened.
IMG_5094.JPG PB190003.JPG PB190006.JPG PB190008.JPG PB190011.JPG
PB190012.JPG PB190017.JPG PB190018.JPG PB190021.JPG PB190022.JPG
I like to play with shadows. Is that what they call a claire-obscure?
PB190023.JPG PB190024.JPG PB190025.JPG PB190026.JPG PB190027.JPG
It started low... gaining more and more speed... then it shot right up... to finally hit a wall! Here's what happened to them.
PB190028.JPG PB190029.JPG PB190030.JPG PB190031.JPG PB190032.JPG
PB190033.JPG PB190034.JPG PB190035.JPG PB190038a.JPG PB190046.JPG
Do you like it when I sing? Backup, backup, backup!
PB190057.JPG PB190061.JPG PB190065a.JPG PB190066.JPG
Everyone is so puzzled.

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