OPCUG Beginners' Workshop 2004

Following are the files for the spreadsheet presentation that were not included with the CD:
Note: SXC and SXW files can be viewed with OpenOffice, or in the presentation's slides above.

Here is the workshop description, the evaluation form and the results of the evaluations.

Many people contributed to the workshop, including:

Chris Taylor
: Virus Scanners, Firewalls, Operating system patches and OPCUG Users-Helping-Users (picture not available).

Click on any picture for a larger version.
Vince Joc Bert
Vince Pizzamiglio

Hardware upgrades

Jocelyn Doire

Word Processing
and spreadsheets
Bert Schopf

Digital Imaging
Brigitte Mark Alan
Brigitte Lord

Lunch Preparation

Mark Cayer

Alan German

CD Preparation
PB200001.JPG PB200003.JPG PB200004.JPG PB200005.JPG
setup as audience arrives Vince rubs hands in glee as he talks on his favourite topic audience pays rapt attention either "He-man Vince shows he can lift a system" or "Vince shows the inside of a system"
PB200006.JPG PB200007.JPG PB200013.JPG PB200015.JPG
Mark sets up the registration table "My computer is THIS big" "Whatever you do, don't touch this" Nearly a full house
PB200016.JPG PB200017.JPG PB200022.JPG PB200024.JPG
It is so interesting! Mark taking a break "Wow! Look at that!"
PB200025.JPG PB200031.JPG PB200036.JPG PB200042.JPG
"Was it really supposed to do that?" Alan hiding in the coat room Brigitte looks on
PB200044.JPG PB200045.JPG PB200046.JPG PB200049.JPG
That is so difficult! Joc shows how easy it is to automate "what-if" scenarios Mmm, that's pretty touchy
PB200057.JPG PB200058.JPG PB200059.JPG PB200062.JPG
PB200066.JPG PB200067.JPG PB200068.JPG PB200072.JPG
Brigitte pays attention while Vince ...? And Vince pays attention Ok, time to collect! And you can even do it no-hands!
PB200076.JPG PB200078.JPG PB200080.JPG PB200083.JPG
Adjusting the image size Bert explains colour depth Summer memories I am so cold
PB200084.JPG PB200087.JPG PB200092.JPG PB200093.JPG
Mona gets a make-over Photo repair made easy Sharpening an image
Heron Community Centre, 1480 Heron Road, Ottawa, ON We were in the round room, third floor

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