The days of plastic pocket protectors are long gone. And with Geek emerging as the new fly, why not set a fashion trend rather than follow one by ordering OPCUG Seasonal Fashion items this holiday season?

Crystal Casey, local sketch artist, made it a point to pencil the October OPCUG meeting into her day planner. And it's no surprise either, given Crystal's obvious talent, that a presentation on Web Comics might be precisely the sort of topic that could provide useful information to augment her existing artistic talent.

In expressing her gratitude, Crystal has provided the OPCUG with some artwork that we're free to use at our discretion. As a result, we are making available a special OPCUG Seasonal Fashion item just in time for the festive season.

Made of 100% preshrunk, open-ended carded cotton, this long sleeve classic loose-fit provides all day comfort. Priced at $15, tax and shipping included, it's an affordable way of expressing your passion for technology and link to the Ottawa PC Users' Group.

All orders are closed. Submitted orders are being processed and shirts will be available for pick up at the December 10th, 2014 meeting.

Snowy Shirt Snowy

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