Chris Taylor's Roast
"Abuse of Chris in a good natured manner"

Bert's Notes

I remember years ago when I first started going to OPCUG meetings, there was this guy there who was what they called a "sysop". He got really excited about bulletin boards and protocols and things I had no clue about.

Chris Taylor helped me get set up, as he did with countless other members - maybe you. He continues to demonstrate what "Users Helping Users" is all about every day. Not just in maintaining the OPCUG server and Chairing the Board of Directors, but in offering assistance to those who seek it.

He's had to endure some pretty strange things in his various roles at OPCUG over the years; from dealing with rather "unhinged" people to enduring personal attacks. But through all of it, he's kept his cool and made logical and humane decisions. Better than I would have, anyways.

I consider Chris as an "opinion leader" - one who knows his stuff and is a respected authority. This role can give some people a swelled head. But not Chris, he adds the important extras: honesty, humility, and humour.

You've helped make this club what it is, Chris. And for that, we respect and salute you.

- Bert

Some comments afterward...

From Chris Taylor

Sent: May 15, 2003 7:47 AM
Subject: Many thanks

What can I say about last night's roast???

- Thank you VERY much

- I was overwhelmed

- I can't believe you did it

- I believe others are more deserving of praise. I do this because it's fun! You are not supposed to get accolades for having fun!

- The plaque is absolutely gorgeous. It will find a place of honour in my computer room.

- The signed certificate is terrific. Even if Harald signed it upside down


- I wonder if this wasn't just a bribe to make sure I stick around <kidding!!!>

- I am torn between being incredibly honoured by the whole thing and wishing you hadn't done it. Currently, the former is winning the battle, rather than the latter. :-)

- I am thankful it was done as a roast. I don't think I could have handled it without the chance to laugh at myself periodically.

- Now that Cheryl knows I am helping others on the computer all hours of the day and night, she will be severely restricting the time I am allowed to be on the computer! :-)

- I laughed about the "clones" comments. A friend and I used to talk about getting together a group of subject matter experts who would operate under a pseudonym and pretend to be one person who was an expert on a wide variety of subjects. Do any of you really know we didn't follow though with that idea?? <Twilight Zone music plays in background>

I was deeply touched by your generosity in all this. Once again, my thanks.


From Bob Gowan

Sent: May 15, 2003 10:25 AM
Subject: Re: Many thanks

Hi Chris:
There are many many more members who would echo the comments of those who honoured you on-stage last night. I doubt there is anyone who has been involved with the club for any length of time who would not say they owed a great deal of their enthusiasm for and knowledge of personal computing to their interactions, whether direct or indirect, with you. You are the backbone and spirit of the club. We don't say it often enough ('cause you might get a swelled head :-) )

You wouldn't believe how hard it was to pull this off in stealth. Thanks to Joc for suggesting the idea, setting up a secret message area and keeping things going. Morris was in right away with immediate support for the idea. I'm pleased to take credit for suggesting a laser engraved plaque. Bert did the plaque design and certificate. Harald found us a competent plaque supplier and organized the roast. Your modesty would be absolutely overwhelmed by the support there was in the current and past BOD and general membership for doing this. Another challenge was keeping it from getting too big - which we thought might embarrass you.

Last night was just a small token of our appreciation for your extraordinary contribution to the first 20 years of OPCUG.

Enjoy !!!