Civic Award for
Outstanding Volunteerism
to Chris Taylor


Chris Taylor receives Mayor's City Builder Award

Jim Watson, Chris Taylor, Rick Chiarelli Chris Taylor
Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, Chris Taylor, College Ward Councillor Rick Chiarelli, February 25th, 2015
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Mayor Jim Watson's speech is available online, including a Facebook page, a Twitter and even a picture of the event is displayed on the Ottawa City's home page.

Chris' Speech:

Thank you to the Mayor and Council for this great honour.

I would not be standing here today if it were not for a lot of other dedicated people who do such wonderful work;

A colleague told me if I was paid for all the time I put into sharing, I would be a millionaire. But the reality is that if I had to pay for the knowledge others have freely shared with me and the enjoyment I've had sharing what I know with others, I would be flat broke.

Thank you.

Ottawa Public Library's Community Events Program folks The OPCUG would like to give big thanks to the Ottawa Public Library and the Ottawa Public Library's Community Events Program folks... Elizabeth Thornley, Mark Gelsomino and Shayna Keces. A media release about Chris' award is available on their website.

Picture of Elizabeth Thornley, Chris Taylor, Mark Gelsomino and Shayna Keces by Lynda Buske (full resolution)

In a "major success", Jeff Dubois managed to get both "radio and newspaper coverage" thanks to a radio interview at CBC Ottawa Morning (MP3) by Julia Sisler during a library presentation at the Carlingwood Branch on "Protecting Your Computer", a really nice article by Erin McCracken of the Ottawa South News, and another article in the Ottawa Citizen.

The award was also announced on our OPCUG's Facebook and Twitter pages.

A Surprise...

All this was made possible thanks to the hard work of Jeff Dubois, who managed to keep the whole enterprise a secret, until the city called him...

On 2/18/2015 5:29 PM, chris.taylor wrote:

I am guessing all the board members except me knew about this.

Jeff told me he had some things in the works for publicity for the OPCUG but was being tight-lipped about it. I figured he just wanted to see if it could come to fruition before talking about it more.

Then I was contacted by Will Bulmer, Special Assistant to Mayor Watson. He asked if I knew why he was calling. I said Jeff, our Publicity Chair, had been working on some publicity items for the Ottawa PC Users' Group and assumed it was to do with that.

He said not exactly and informed me "You have been nominated for the Mayor's City Builder Award", an award for volunteerism. (I looked it up afterwards on the City web site and the award "is a civic honour created to recognize an individual, group or organization that has, through their outstanding volunteerism or exemplary action, demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to making our city a better place today and for the future.")

I assumed when he said "You have been nominated...", that he meant the Ottawa PC Users' Group, which I feel is entirely fitting for all the great work everyone does in the group. But he corrected me and said it was just for me. I must admit to be taken somewhat aback.

As they say, it is an honour just to be nominated, so I asked how the process went from here and when I would know who won the award. I figured it would be a long shot for me to win when there are so many more deserving people in the city. He said, "Oh, no - you were nominated and it has been accepted. You have won it."

A humble thank you to Jeff and any of his co-conspirators. I really wish you had made out the nomination in the name of the Ottawa PC Users' Group and not just me! I am happy to toot the horn for the OPCUG. I am just a little cog in a big wheel that is the OPCUG.

The award is to be given out at the start of the Council meeting next Wednesday at 10:00 AM

I am told I can invite some guests, so if anyone wants to attend, no problem. Let me know by the weekend. I really do feel this award should have your names on it too! But whether you are there or not, believe me, my comments are going to include words about the great work others in the OPCUG do all the time!



OPCUG President To Receive Prestigious Civic Award for Outstanding Volunteerism!

The "Mayor's City Builder Award" is a civic honour created to recognize an individual, group or organization that has, through their outstanding volunteerism or exemplary action, demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to making our city a better place today and for the future."

On November 8th, 2014, Chris Taylor delivered a staggering 200th presentation at the Orleans Branch of the Library through the OPCUG's partnership in the Library's Community Events Program. The OPCUG's Executive felt that 8 years of dedicated service in this regard was deserving of special recognition and, as a consequence, put forth Chris' name as a candidate for the Mayor's prestigious "City Builder Award".

Not surprisingly, Elizabeth Thornley, Program Development Manager for the Ottawa Public Library was pleased to submit a letter of support in this regard. Will Bulmer, Special Assistant to Mayor Watson, contacted Chris last week to advise him that his name had been selected to receive this Award.

The City Builder Award will be presented to Chris Taylor at 10:00 am, Wednesday, February 25th, by Mayor Watson in chambers at the beginning of the regularly scheduled session of Council.

Guests are welcome to attend the presentation. The presentation will also be webcast through the City's live feed (http://preview.tinyurl.com/l4qweot).

Congratulations Chris Taylor for a job well done!

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