OPCUG's Silent Auction


Ottawa Food Bank For our December meeting we will have a silent auction. All the items for sale will be displayed with a bidding sheet where you can write your name and your bid, as many times as you want. At the end of the meeting the highest bidder will win the item. All the proceeds will be donated to the Ottawa Food Bank. So, if you have good stuff that you would like to donate, please send us an email with a description of what you want to donate to All the items shall be brought at the December meeting, and if there is no bid, please take them back. See below for a list of the items available for auction.

Also, we will have a box to collect your non-perishable food donations for the food bank. For those who prefer to give money, we'll have a box for that, too. With its food industry partnerships and bulk purchasing power, the Ottawa Food Bank turns every $1 donated into $5 worth of food. And furthermore, as if that was not enough, the OPCUG will give all the proceeds of the December raffle ticket sales to the food bank.

Note: Donations in cash and of items that generate a bid of $10 and over are tax deductible.
Date: December 12, 2012      Email:      Info: Food Bank Fact Sheet

Items for Auction
The following books, with a total value of $490, are offered for bid courtesy of O'Reilly Media, Inc.:
Element11 Gimp Lighting Photo Excel Audacity
Win8Tablet Win8 Win8IO Win7IO Network Cyber

Dell Photo All-in-One Printer 922, Colour multi-function inkjet printer
The Dell Photo All-in-One Printer 922 provides the ability to do colour printing, scanning, and photocopying in a single, compact and high-performance device. The print resolution is up to 4800 x 1200 dpi and the scan resolution up to 19,200 dpi (interpolated) in 48-bit colour. This 922 is unused and comes complete with the unopened colour cartridges, a USB interface cable, and the user manual.
Donated by Jean-Jacques Dromard.


GetNet 8 port 10/100MPS Ethernet Switch. (Complete with the box, "manual" and power block)
Donated by Peter Roberts.


USB Sound Blaster "Blaster Live! 24bit" external unit, for getting home theatre audio quality from a PC. 96kHz, 100db SNR, 5.1 (Complete with the box, "manual", and CD etc.)
Donated by Peter Roberts.


TPLINK TL-SF1008D 8-port 10/100 Desktop Switch with power adapter.
Donated by Jeff Dubois.


2 x 512MB PC2-5300S-555-12 Hynix Laptop memory
Donated by Jeff Dubois.


LG CCR-8523B v1.02 52X CD-ROM Drive
Donated by Jeff Dubois.


LG CDR/RW v1.07 24x-10x-40x GCE-8240B
Donated by Jeff Dubois.


TrendNet TEW-432BRP Wireless G Broadband Router. Full specs, manual and firmware available
Also included is a TrendNet TEW-424UB USB Wireless G NIC: specs for NIC
Donated by Jeff Dubois.


DLink DI-624 Wireless G Broadband Router complete with power adapter. Full specs, manual and firmware updates available
Donated by Jeff Dubois.


ATI Sapphire X1650 256M PCIE Video Card: complete with original driver disk.
Donated by Jeff Dubois.


GE Caller ID Display Attachment Model 2-9016S - Complete in unopened original packaging.
Donated by Jeff Dubois.


US Robotics External 28.8kbps Fax/Data Modem. Complete in box with adapter and cables. You too can connect to your dial-up internet provider at with unbridled lightning fast speed!
Donated by Jeff Dubois.


Dynex DX-BUSB Wireless 54G USB Network Adapters. Complete in original packaging. There are two of them.
Donated by Jeff Dubois.


DLink LNE100TX v5.1 10/100 Ethernet PCI LAN Card: Unopened in original shrink-wrapped packaging. There are two of them.
Donated by Jeff Dubois.


Belkin F5U021C 4-Port Powered USB Hub. This powered USB Hub is brand new and comes complete in original, unopened packaging.
Donated by Jeff Dubois.


Linksys PPS1UW Instant Wireless EtherFast USB PrintServer. Complete with driver disk, cables, power adapter and WPC11 v3 and v4 Wireless NICs.
Turn your USB printer into a wireless printer by configuring the Linksys Wireless PrintServer and accessing it via WiFi.
Donated by Jeff Dubois.


DLink DIR601 Wireless N 150 Home Router, complete and in original packaging. For the technically inclined, this router appears on the DD-WRT compatibility list so can likely be flashed and used as a repeater.
Donated by Jeff Dubois.


Centrios wireless USB headphones. Digital transmission for higher quality, crystal-clear 2.4GHz, includes transmitter USB. Complete in original, unopened packaging.
Donated by Jocelyn Doire.


An operational Hyperion Desk Top Computer Model 3012 built here in Ottawa back in the early 80's. No Tech Manuals available but does come with a 5" Floppy Disk with programs on it.
Donated by Roger Wainwright.

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