Celestial Shadows – Eclipses of the Sun and Moon

Speaker: Howard Simkover

Every couple of years, somewhere on the Earth, the Moon’s shadow touches down and sweeps at supersonic speed across oceans and continents. People situated in the path of this celestial shadow experience the unforgettable sight of a total eclipse of the sun. While some ancient civilizations had a good understanding of solar eclipses, it was not until the early 18th Century that the date, time and trajectory of an eclipse could be calculated with reasonable precision.

On occasion, we may also see the full Moon enter the shadow of the Earth, giving us a lunar eclipse. At these times, the eclipsed Moon glows with an orange or reddish colour. Lunar eclipses provided an early proof that the Earth was round, and also enabled the determination of the Moon’s distance.

This presentation is about the various types of eclipses what they are, when they happen, the underlying geometry that causes them, why they are perceived to be rare events, and the spectacular beauty that they offer to us.

Howard Simkover has a lifelong interest in astronomy, owns and uses several telescopes, and was a ProducerLecturer with the Montreal Planetarium. He has lectured about astronomy at the Canada Museum of Science & Technology, and to groups in Ottawa and elsewhere both in person and via Zoom technology. In this highly visual presentation, he will offer some perspectives on solar and lunar eclipses, and will share some of his personal experiences of these phenomena.

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Nov 08 2023


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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