Video conference (due to COVID-19)

Wednesday, April 8th General Meeting

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, the April meeting will be a video-conference through Zoom.
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Topic: Members’ Favourites

Speaker: Alan German
Duplication and Verification
Do you have duplicate files in multiple folders, all taking valuable space on your hard disk or on external flash drives? Have you made backups of disk content to CD’s or USB drives but aren’t sure if you really do have true copies? In this presentation we will take a look at some free software packages that can quickly identify duplicate files, especially digital photos, and easily verify that a multi-file, multi-folder copy is exactly the same as the original.

Speaker: Lawrence Patterson
Scams, what has changed?
You’d think with everything else happening the baddies would take a break. Actually, the opposite has happened, and we’ll quickly explore what new scams have come our way, the organizations behind them and how we can continue to work together to protect ourselves.

Speaker: Bob Walker
Basics of Online Shopping
With the Covid-19 virus keeping many of us out of the stores, this is a quick review of the basics of shopping online.

After the three Members’ Favourites presentations, there will be a Q&A session. While there is a chat window that can be used to pose/answer questions, all are encouraged to email any questions you have for Q&A ahead of the meeting to


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Apr 08 2020


7:30 pm


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