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Images to PDF (i2pdf)

by Alan German

Suppose you have a bunch of JPG files that you need to include in a single PDF file. You could import them one-by-one into a word processing document and save the resulting file as PDF. Or, perhaps you could write a macro to automate the page production process. But, wouldn’t it be easier if you could just drop the images into a program and have it create a PDF file? And, wouldn’t it be nice if that program were free?

What you need is i2pdf (image to pdf). The author (LMG Software) writes: “I wrote this for my personal use, as I wanted a light application, easy to use, and with a precise control over the final quality and size of the images stored inside the PDF.”

It certainly is light, with the .ZIP file download weighing in at just 1 MB. And, it is incredibly easy to use. The main program essentially displays a blank window with an invitation to “Drop your files here”. Pressing a “Build PDF” button then brings up a dialogue screen with multiple options for customizing the resulting file.



There are specific options for the quality and size of the JPG images, and parameters to be used in the start-up display of a PDF reader, thus providing part of the promised control over the final format. But, there are a whole host of other configurable parameters for even more precise definition.

Pressing the OK button, brings up a dialogue box through which the PDF file can be named and stored as desired by the end user. It is worth noting that, by default, an additional file (in the form filename.pdf.log) is created in the directory where the main file is saved. If you have no need of this log file, it can be disabled through a check box under the Options - General tab that specifies “Delete the log if the PDF has been built without error”.

The program comes packaged with an excellent set of extensive instructions and screenshots. But, with only two buttons to press, creating a PDF file from multiple digital images really isn’t all that tough!

Bottom Line:

i2pdf (Freeware)
Version 1.0.43
LMG Software

Originally published: April, 2013

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