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Basic File Renaming

by Alan German

Are you looking for a simple way to rename batches of digital image files? If so, you may wish to try File Renamer Basic from Sherrod Computers. This program is freeware and is the little brother of regular and deluxe versions of the package that are available for purchase.

While the basic program handles straightforward renaming of one or more files in a given folder, the regular version of the software adds features like drag-and-drop, while the deluxe version provides even more functionality, such as an undo for file renames.

For most users, File Renamer Basic is likely to provide all the necessary features that such a package might offer. In fact, the renaming capabilities of this version are very powerful, yet extremely simple to use.

The basic renaming operation takes place in a graphical environment, with a file browser allowing the selection of a folder with files to be renamed. By default, the file details are listed as text, but a checkbox allows thumbnails of digital image files to be displayed in the main window.



A series of tabs in the lower portion of the window provides tools to edit the existing file names in a variety of ways. In the example shown, custom filenames and extensions have been assigned to a series of digital photographs, together with an underscore character as a separator, and a sequential numbering scheme. In this way, each file in the selected group is renamed so that, for example, IMG_3961.JPG is renamed as Marshall_01.jpg, IMG_3962.JPG as Marshall_02.jpg, etc.

Other renaming methods include deleting a specific number of characters at any location in the file name and/or inserting a new character string; or using a search-and-replace technique across the file name and/or extension.

The program is configurable through an options screen, and includes a clearly-written help system.

So, if you need to rename a group of files, File Renamer Basic will probably provide the tools you need to do the job.

Bottom Line:

File Renamer Basic (Freeware)
Sherrod Computers

Originally published: October, 2010

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