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Incredimail - an email experience

by Dave Burnside

I’ve been looking for a better email program for years. But every email program I tried lacked the comfort factor I was looking for. Then one day my daughter-in-law suggested I check out a new FREE email program called Incredimail ( 

Well I decided to try yet another email program and downloaded the FREE version and installed it. Well within an hour I was convinced that I had at last found the email program that had eluded me for so many years.



Here’s what Incredimail offers for your emails:

  • A background for your emails from any number of categories. It’s like writing a letter on fancy letter paper with pictures on it.
  • The capability to add a small animation to your email letter (e.g., a dancing ballerina, a bee hive, etc.).
  • The capability to add your own pictures or animations to Incredimail (e.g., any pictures you have in electronic format from a digital camera, a scanned  picture, etc.)
  • The capability to add a sound file to your letter.
  • The capability to record your own voice into a sound file (.wav) and attach it to your email. All you need is a microphone which you can get for less than $10.
  • Add life to your email by adding Emoticons to your email text. They are small happy face type icons, dancing letters, bouncing question marks, etc.
  • Save any gif animation from your internet browser into Incredimail so you can use it in your emails.
  • A selection of e-cards for all occasions (birthdays, get well, Christmas, etc.).
  • A selection of vivid animated characters that announce the arrival of new email. The notifier will work even when Incredimail is closed if you are linked to the internet. My favorite is a turtle that comes out of his shell and says “You’ve got mail”.
  • You can even add your “written signature” as a signature to each email you send.
  • You can change the “skin” on Incredimail to one of several colors or textures.

The initial download includes a small collection of the various backgrounds, animations, sound files, e-cards and notifiers. You can then download additional ones from their large collection in their Online Gallery or get new ones daily from their Daily Gallery.

Technically, Incredimail:

  • will allow you to import all your old email, email folders, contacts, and address book from Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora or Netscape. 
  • is available in English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Spanish, Swedish and Danish versions are coming soon.
  • Supports multiple email accounts, including accounts.
  • Allows for new folders and sub-folders.
  • Allows for using “Rules” to direct incoming mail to specific folders or directly to the deleted items folder.
  • Allows saving of incomplete emails to a Drafts folder.
  • Allows you to create Groups of email addresses in the address book.
  • Allows you to preview emails on the server without downloading them.
  • Allows attachments to be previewed in the email body. This is NOT recommended unless you have your virus scanner set to scan all files and email attachments.
  • Is compatible with Windows XP, ME, 98, 95.

Like most FREE versions, you’ll have to put up with a small window in the upper right- hand corner with advertising in it. It also adds a link to their site to every email. You can get rid of the advertising and link by buying the Premium version for $29.95 US. 

They also have a Letter creator software where you can create your own email backgrounds. However, it must be purchased after a 30-day trail period if you want to continue using it.

Overall, Incredimail is the best email client software I’ve run across. And the price is right (FREE or $29.95 US) for all the features that come with it.

Bottom Line:

FREE or $29.95 US

Originally published: January, 2002

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