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What do we do at a Q&A session?

One of the strengths of computer user groups is the technical assistance provided to members - by members. The Ottawa PC Users' Group is no exception to this general rule. Our motto "Users helping users" says it all.

We publish a wealth of useful information in Ottawa PC News, our monthly newsletter, and answer questions on the members-only forum on our web site. Following each monthly meeting, we hold a question and answer session where anyone can raise any computer-related queries and, hopefully, have them answered through the combined knowledge and experience of the members present.

The Q&A session is held at 9:00 pm, normally on the second Wednesday of the month, immediately following the club's monthly meeting.


Historical Note:

Over the years, OPCUG has had a number of Special Interest Groups (SIG's). Most recently, the Beginners' SIG, Windows SIG, and the Linux, Free Software and Open-Source SIG have all morphed into the current Q&A session. People attending our monthly meetings are invited to join the session and ask questions about Windows, Linux, or any computer hardware or software problems. We may not have all the answers, but we will try our best to help.



Articles posted on OPCUG's web site and published in the newsletter provide tips, tricks, and (solutions to) traps related to various version of Windows and its associated software products. Additional information is often developed as a result of our Q&A sessions. Some of these contributions are reproduced on our web page devoted to Windows Solutions.





Check out our material on the Linux operating system. We have how-to's on a variety of topics, a special series for the new user wishing to explore Linux, a number of book reviews - and even a movie review! - all relating to Linux. In fact, you will find almost everything you need to know about Linux on our purpose-built web page!


Free Software

Yes, some programmers really do write software and give it away absolutely free. We have reviews of some really useful freeware and open-source software, plus a guide to many more free programs, all with links from which you can download your very own copies. So, check out our catalogue of Free Software.





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