Howie Macumber on Monday May 25, 2009 said:

In perusing the OPCUG website, I notice an appeal for copies of a couple of missing newsletters - one being November 1989.

It is my recollection that no newsletter was published for November 1989. However, I do have in my possession a copy of a one-page mock-up newsletter distributed at the November 1989 meeting by Bonnie Carter to support her successful campaign to become Newsletter Editor. Prior to November 1989, newsletters show Terry Mahoney and Suzanne Blain as editors. Beginning in January 1990, the newsletter was edited by Bonnie Carter. The January 1990 Newsletter uses the same layout as the mock-up November 1989 newsletter. Also in January 1990, the numbering scheme for the newsletters was changed (jumping from "Vol.II, #4" in "Oct. 1989" to "VOL VII, NO. 1" in "JANUARY 1990").

I do not recall why the former newsletter editors quit but I do have a vague recollection that there were some issues behind their resignation. I do remember that Bonnie Carter did mount a bit of a campaign for the position (including distributing the mock-up newsletter and addressing the November 1989 meeting). I can't remember whether or not she ran unopposed for the position. In any event, she was elected and served as editor through April 1991.

I have attached a copy of the one-page mock-up November 1989 newsletter.

Howie Macumber