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2013 Newsletters (there are no newsletters in July and August)
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PDF  Text Holiday issue: Announcements for Christmas Meeting & Raffle, and November Prize Winners.


PDF  Text Review: Greenshot Articles: “Cloning” a hard drive to a smaller SSD; Nominations for board in 2014; Free Membership


PDF  Text Review: Solid State Drive ("Drive Speed Bragging Rights") Articles: Silent Auction in December; 3D Printing Revisited; Health Hazards of 3-D Printing; OPCUG Free Software Guide - Part 43


PDF  Text Articles: Windows 8: The Start screen vs. the Desktop; June eWaste event a success!; NCF Call for Volunteers; Free Membership; Ottawa Public Library Presentations; OPCUG Free Software Guide - Part 42


PDF  Text Reviews: Win+X Menu Editor for Windows 8; Articles: Malware false positives; OPCUG eWaste Event; OPCUG Free Software Guide - Part 41


PDF  Text Reviews: Exploring Linux - Part 25; Articles: OPCUG eWaste Event; Review of 2012 Financial Records; Secretary's Report for 2012/2013; Creating a bootable USB from a Windows Installation DVD; Troubles with USB; OPCUG Free Software Guide - Part 40


PDF  Text Reviews: IconRestorer ("Keeping Your Icons Straight"); Images to PDF (i2pdf); Articles: Letter of thanks from the Ottawa Food Bank; Updating Windows Defender in Windows 8; OPCUG Free Software Guide - Part 39


PDF  Text Reviews: VLC Media player; Exploring Linux - Part 24; Articles: Phishing in my back yard; Backing it up; OPCUG Free Software Guide - Part 38


PDF  Text Articles: President's Report - 2012 in review; Treasurer's Report 2012; Wikipedia; ARPANET 30th anniversary; December's Silent Auction a Success!; OPCUG Free Software Guide - Part 37


PDF  Text Reviews: Keeping Passwords Safe; Yumi - A workhorse of a Different Colour;
Kicking a hornet's nest; Hpy bday txt msng; Cybergeddon (web movie); OPCUG Free Software Guide - Part 36

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