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2007 Newsletters (there are no newsletters in July and August)
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PDF  Text Articles: A fiasco With Backups; Upgrade Envy - Part 5; Workshop 2007 Summary; Humour: Why We Love Children


PDF  Text Reviews: Corel Snapfire Plus; Exploring Linux - Part 7; 2007 OPCUG Beginners' Workshop; 2008 OPCUG Elections


PDF  Text Review: Excel 2007 - The Missing Manual; Article: Upgrade Envy - Part 4; Review: Better Disk Defragging - Upside Down? (Auslogics Disk Defrag); 2007 OPCUG Beginners' Workshop; 2008 OPCUG Elections


PDF  Text Review: Exploring Linux - Part 6; Article: Upgrade Envy - Part 3; 2007 OPCUG Beginners' Workshop; Blast from the Past (1992)


PDF  Text Review: File Encryption Revisited - TrueCrypt; Book Review: Ubuntu Hacks; Article: Upgrade Envy - Part II; OPCUG 2007 BBQ; Contest for Best Newsletter Article - Time to vote.; PUB Talk: 101 Fantastic Freebies


PDF  Text Review: Zip Central; Contest Article: Upgrade Envy Part 1; OPCUG Annual BBQ


PDF  Text Reviews: EVEREST Home Edition (What's inside the box?); Exploring Linux - Part 5; June BBQ; March Linux SIG revisited (Linux software); deadline approaching for 2006/2007 Contest for Best Newsletter Article


PDF  Text Reviews: You Want It - When?!! (Mozilla Sunbird); Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks (book review); Lost Your Digital Photographs? - You Need ImageRecall 3; March Linux SIG; Books available for Review


PDF  Text Review: FotoFusion Pro v3.7; President's Report; Treasurer's Report; Linux SIG


PDF  Text Reviews: Picasa – Image Management by Google; Photo Story - So, you want to be a movie director?; Article: My Life with a Handheld - Part 3 (2006) - The Rose; Humour: The way children see things! (continued from December 2006)

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