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Why Join the OPCUG?

After reviewing our website, you might ask: "What will I get for my $25 annual dues?" The OPCUG is a not-for-profit service organization.  Its purpose is to serve not only its members, but also the community at large. Folks like you and me, who have joined together to help each other optimize the use of computer technology.  Members include those who do not yet own a computer, to managers of corporate IS (Information Systems) departments, who want to share and help. 

Here is the value of an OPCUG membership:

  • Ottawa PC News newsletter: Each month you receive an electronic newsletter that contains pages of information about meetings, activities, product reviews, commentaries, tech tips and computer news, plus lots of helpful information.  Many members join our group just for the newsletter.
  • OPCUG Website: Our website is a useful place to find information on OPCUG meetings and events, product reviews, and Questions and Answers. We are continually improving it!
  • Members Helping Members: One of the most valuable services from OPCUG is the member helping member's service. Volunteers have offered their help to other members in solving problems.  Consider the cost of even a five-minute service call to a computer manufacturer's or software publisher's hotline and you can see the benefit of an OPCUG membership..
  • General Meetings: The 10 general meetings each year (we do not meet in July and August) are worth a lot.  Here we meet representatives of industry manufacturers who tell us about their new products or trends in the world of technology.  On Members' Night, members tell us about their favourite products..
  • Questions and Answers: Your OPCUG membership also allows you to attend all our Question and Answer forums held during the monthly general meetings.  These meetings range from beginners to advanced discussions on Windows and Linux, database, document publishing and a variety of Internet subjects. We hope that you will find all your answers at an OPCUG general meeting and that you will develop some very useful contacts.
  • The PUB: OPCUG members have access to a communications server designed to provide email, conferencing, information, and file services to members.
  • Special Discounts on Products: Computer equipment and software companies believe that user group members influence others to make purchases. That is why they offer discounts to our members.  OPCUG members are frequently offered software and hardware at significant discounts from normal street prices.
  • Door and Raffle Prizes: At OPCUG events, we often have door and raffle prizes worth hundreds of dollars. OPCUG members, when present at a general meeting, are automatically registered for the door prize draw. Tickets are available for the raffle prize.