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Product Reviews

Members of the Ottawa PC Users' Group (OPCUG) are pleased to share with you their comments on software packages and other products which they have reviewed. We hope that you will be able to use these reviews to identify products which are of interest to you, and which you can use in your personal computing environment. 

The reviews include both proprietary and public-domain software. The Ottawa PC Users' Group maintains a library of freeware and shareware. Club members may download these public-domain files from The PUB via their browser.

A free firewall that monitors both inbound and outbound internet traffic.

TreeSize Professional 
A very powerful program for analyzing how disk space is being used.

Dropbox ("File transfer using Dropbox") 

Shotcut ("Shortcuts with Shotcut")
A powerful open-source program for editing and stitching together videos seamlessly.

Tail Gun Charlie
A World War II shoot-‘em-up game for an Android smartphone or tablet

Power Data Recovery ("When Good Disks Go Bad - Part 2")
Some shortcomings of this software are examined.

 Power Data Recovery ("When Good Disks Go Bad - Part 1")
This tool can recover corrupted files.

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