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Members of the Ottawa PC Users' Group (OPCUG) are pleased to share with you their comments on software packages and other products which they have reviewed. We hope that you will be able to use these reviews to identify products which are of interest to you, and which you can use in your personal computing environment. 

The reviews include both proprietary and public-domain software. The Ottawa PC Users' Group maintains a library of freeware and shareware. Club members may download these public-domain files from our bulletin board, The PUB, via their browser

The following reviews first appeared as articles in the club's newsletter, Ottawa PC News, over the past year. The hard-copy newsletter is mailed to club members each month.  The newsletter is also distributed electronically to OPCUG members, upon request, using our listserver. Previous reviews can be found in back-issues of the newsletter which are available to members in electronic format on The PUB or in the Archived Reviews section of this website. 

Additionally, electronic versions of the full newsletters are available in both plain text and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format in the Articles section (plain text format discontinued in December 2015).

Swiss File Knife
A portable free utility for file searching and manipulating.

Stickies ("A Sticky Problem")
A free and more flexible alternative to Windows 10 sticky notes!

OurGroceries Shopping List
The simplest way to keep your grocery lists instantly synchronized on all the smartphones in your household - and it’s a free app!

Just Reminder ("Just Remind Me!")
A free Mobile App

Call Control ("Blocking those Da*n Telemarketers")
A free Mobile App

What do you do when you can’t safely remove an external USB drive because Windows indicates that some process has it locked? Enter Lockhunter – a free software tool.

This cool little free program allows you to capture data stored in standard list-views, tree-views, list boxes, combo boxes, text-boxes, and WebBrowser/HTML controls from most Windows applications.

Yumi ("Multi-Boot Revisited")
A new version of Yumi that supports multi-boot for UEFI

QuickPic Gallery ("A Picture Gallery for your Android Smartphone")
A free digital image management system.

Quick Assist
This update to the Remote Assistance program which was included in previous versions of Windows is a little cleaner and easier to use.

VeraCrypt ("Multi-Platform Encryption")
With TrueCrypt no longer supported and Microsoft's BitLocker not fitting the bill, VeraCrypt comes to the rescue.

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