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The PUB services

The PUB actually consists of  both a public and a private WEB site.  A number of different services are offered to OPCUG members.  The most prominent of these are the software libraries and conference areas.  In the middle of 1998, list server software was installed on The PUB and used in support of a number of lists.  One of these is the electronic distribution of newsletters.  Announcements are also distributed electronically via the list server.

Software Libraries

The PUB has a limited library of files. The library is divided up into different areas corresponding to the Special Interest Groups or other areas of common interest.  All files on The PUB are contributed by OPCUG members, who collect them from a variety of sources.

All files on The PUB are either "shareware" or "freeware".  Shareware was born in the early 80's when a computer programmer surprised the commercial software industry by distributing his program at no charge.  An attached file told users that they could help out by sending a few bucks to help defray his production costs. 

A new industry was on its way.  Thousands of programmers have since joined that early pioneer in selling their software through an honour system which has become to be known as "Shareware".  By shareware programmers making their product available in this manner, high costs attendant to commercial programs are avoided. 

This "try before you buy" concept presents a definite advantage to the user. Here's a chance to kick tires and be convinced that the program does the job you want it to do, before registering it. If you don't like it, you don't buy it—no money lost. Most fees are under $50.00. 

"Freeware" is the name for programs made available to the user at no registration cost. Computer magazines and educational institutions, plus an occasional programmer who feels generous, are the sources of this material. 

Now for the legal stuff—Neither the Ottawa P C Users' Group nor the authors warrant the suitability of a program for any particular purpose. We do not assume any liability for damages of any kind resulting from a program's use. 

In addition to files sourced from other locations, there are files that come from the OPCUG operations such as copies of presentations given at OPCUG meetings, board meeting minutes, etc.

Conference Areas

There are conference areas available on a variety of topics to allow OPCUG members to communicate with one another.  Access to the message areas is available from character mode through a standard web browser, Telnet, or a news reader.  Besides local messaging, a special conference area allows OPCUG members to exchange emails with other Internet addresses.

List Server 

The PUB includes a listserver. Conference areas on The PUB are also carried through the listserver. Members can participate in the conference areas from any standard Internet e-mail client without having to log onto The PUB.

You decide what conference areas you want sent to you via e-mail. You can reply to any message or post new messages to any conference area from your e-mail client. 

The List Server also has the ability to send certain text files to you on demand. For example, you can send an e-mail to the List Server asking for it to send you upcoming meeting announcements. Within minutes, the file will be delivered to your mailbox. 

To find out more about the listserver, send an e-mail message to . Leave the subject blank and in the first line of the body of the message, enter "get help" (without the quotes). 

Within minutes, The PUB will deliver a FAQ to your Internet mailbox.

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