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Accessing The PUB

The PUB can be accessed using various client programs through the Internet. Note that access to The PUB is only granted to members of the Ottawa PC Users' Group.

There are a number of client programs that may be used to access The PUB. All aspects of The PUB may be accessed through a standard web browser. The conference areas, file areas, and on-line chat may be accessed through a Telnet client (a Telnet client that supports file transfers is required to handle file transfers). If you just need access to conference areas, you can use any news reader software that supports the NNTP protocol. You can also have messages posted to the conference area delivered right to your personal email address by using the listserver. If you just need to do private email, you can use a POP3 client to download private messages addressed to your PUB email address. If you only need file transfers, you can use an FTP client.

Creating a New Account
The first thing you need to do is create an account on The PUB. The simplest way is to follow these instructions:

  • use a web browser and point to
  • press the button "Create Your Account". Follow the prompts. After the first screen, you will be prompted to log on using the credentials you just used. You will then be prompted for a few more pieces of information and then taken to the main PUB screen.
  • Choose the option to go to the conference areas.
  • Select the option "Create New"
  • In the "Create new message" screen, address the message to Sysop and add an appropriate subject line, such as account upgrade request. In the body of the message, indicate you are a member and would like your account upgraded. Include your snail mail address and membership number (if known). Make sure the Conference section reads 0 - Private e-mail. Scroll down to the bottom and click the Send Message button.

Once your membership has been verified - normally within 24 hours - your account will be upgraded and you will have full access to all areas of The PUB.   If you prefer, once you have created your account using the first two bullet points above, you can send the request to have your account upgraded from your normal email account. Simply send the request to . Be sure to indicate the precise account name you created on The PUB.  

1. Web Access  
All services on The PUB are available through a web browser. Simply point your browser to the main OPCUG public web page at and click the Log Web link in the left frame. For more information on using the web interface, see the article beginning on page 6 of the November 2003 issue of the Ottawa PC News:

2. News Reader Access  
You can use a news reader to access conference areas on The PUB. Configure your news reader to point to You must configure your news reader to log on using your PUB credentials. For more information on using a news reader to access The PUB, see the article beginning on page 5 of the December 2003 issue of the Ottawa PC News:

3. Listserver Access  
To have messages that are posted to various conference areas delivered right to your normal email address, send an e-mail message to
and in the body of the email, put the single line of text: get help  and send the message. Within a few minutes, you will get a reply message with instructions on how to use the listserver.

4. POP3 Access  
Everyone on The PUB has an Internet email address in the form (note the period between FirstName and LastName). If you would like to actively use this email address, you are welcome to. All such emails flow in and out of Conference Area 0 - Private email. In addition, if you want, you can pick up messages addressed to you in conference area 0 with a POP3 mail client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or Eudora. Configure your POP3 client to use your OPCUG email address. For the POP3 server, use For the SMTP server, use your Internet Service Provider's SMTP server. Please only configure a POP3 client to go to The PUB if you intend to actively use your PUB email account.

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