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An Introduction to The PUB

The Ottawa PC Users' Group is pleased to offer its members the service provided by "The PC Users' Group's Bulletin Board", or "The PUB" for short.  The PUB is a communications server designed to provide email, conferencing, information, and file services to Group members. 

Through the communications server, members are able to access information regarding Group meetings and events, exchange electronic messages with other Group members, and transfer files.  The server is run by Group members, for Group members. 

The PUB uses Santronics Software's "Wildcat Interactive Net Server". The server supports multi-user messaging, file transfers, a web server, a listserver, and more.  It supports access from a variety of sources including Web browsers, Telnet, FTP and news readers.

The PUB splits information into different functional areas: Group Information, Message Areas, File Areas, On-Line Chat, and User Configuration. 

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