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2005 Digital Imaging Workshop


Fabulous Door Prizes!

Digital Image Suite 2006 Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006
($140.00 retail value)

This easy to use image editing suite of tools makes it easy to quickly modify your images using a wide variety of tools such as "smart erase", blending brush", and "wrinkle remover". Thousands of project templates make it a snap to create calendars, greeting cards, photo albums and more.

We have eight copies - count 'em - yes, eight copies of Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 to give away at our workshop as door prizes! But, you have to register and attend the workshop for a chance to win one of these software packages - or one of the following...

Easy Media Creator 7
($100.00 retail value)

A suite of programs that will handle just about every application for audio-visual media processing that you can think of. The bread-and-butter CD and DVD burning operations, previously enhanced with sound file processing, digital image management and video capture capabilities, are now supplemented with even more features for all of the above, plus video editing functions using storyboards and timelines with multiple tracks.

Easy Media Creator 7
123di 123di
($60.00 retail value)

"The 123 of digital imaging" covers all aspects of digital imaging from buying a camera through enhancing your images to printing them out! More than 3,000 pages covering 138 topics. A treasure trove of information for the digital shutterbug.

PiXCL 6 End-User
($50.00 retail value)

PiXCL 6 is the latest version of a complete suite of application development tools designed for imaging professionals and power users. The system is based on a high level interpreted language, or built as an EXE with the included compiler. If you want to develop your own scanner or digital camera image processing and advanced analysis applications quickly and efficiently, then this is the tool for you.

We have four copies of PiXCL 6 End-User to give away at the workshop!

PiXCL 6 End-User, various books on many aspects of digital media from O'Reilly, the computer book specialists, including:




Digital Photography: Expert Techniques
($65.95 retail value)

Serious photographers, including professionals, who want to take advantage of the unique creative powers available through digital photography and digital image processing, including Photoshop CS, will find this problem-solving book invaluable. Rather than a general discussion of photography principles, Digital Photography: Expert Techniques focuses on workflow: time-tested, step-by-step procedures based on hard-nosed experience by and for genuine practitioners of the art.

Digital Photography: Expert Techniques
Digital Photography Hacks Digital Photography Hacks
($43.95 retail value)

Going beyond the standard fare of most digital photography books, Digital Photography Hacks shares the knowledge that professional photographers have learned through thousands of shots' worth of experience and years of experimentation. With exquisite, full-color photos throughout, the book presents 100 proven techniques in the areas of daytime and nighttime photo secrets, flash magic, digital camera attachments, fun photo projects, camera phone tricks, and more. This book is your passport to taking the kind of digital photos to which you've always aspired.

Digital Photography Pocket Guide, Third Edition
($20.95 retail value)

Who can resist the instant gratification of the digital camera? For everyone who owns or will own a digital camera, Derrick Story delivers Digital Photography Pocket Guide, 3rd Edition--the perfect on-the-go guide for taking top-notch digital photos. In full color, this third edition of the bestselling pocket guide covers everything from shooting sports action, close ups, and night shots, to dealing with image resolution, archiving, memory cards, and much more.

Digital Photography Pocket Guide
Photoshop Elements 3: The Missing Manual Photoshop Elements 3: The Missing Manual
($55.95 retail value)

This comprehensive guide helps digital camera owners of all levels understand Photoshop Elements 3, the simple yet powerful photo-editing software from Adobe. Offering page after page of valuable insight, Photoshop Elements 3: The Missing Manual tackles such tasks as fixing image flaws, organizing photos for display, and creating dynamic slide shows and photo emails.

Photoshop Elements 3 for Windows One-on-One
($48.95 retail value)

This collection, by Photoshop expert Deke McClelland, provides valuable tips on creating great images for print, e-mail, and the Web using Adobe® Photoshop Elements software. It contains 12 step-by-step lessons on real-world tasks along with two hours of video tutorials. You don't have to be an expert, you'll just look like one. If you want to make your images the best they can be, then Photoshop Elements 3 for Windows One-on-One is for you.

Photoshop Elements 3 for Windows One-on-One
Assembling Panoramic Photos: A Designer's Notebook Assembling Panoramic Photos: A Designer's Notebook
($27.95 retail value)

Eight expert French photographers reveal their secrets using Photoshop and other applications to create extraordinary panoramic photos. Part art book, part how-to guide, this Designer's Notebook sits you down next to renowned digital artists as they work step-by-step to create high-quality panoramas and 360-degree virtual reality scenes. It's a goldmine for any digital artist who wants to learn new Photoshop techniques and exploit them for maximum effect.



All of the above-noted door prizes have been graciously provided by their respective vendors. The Ottawa PC Users' Group would like to thank these companies for their generous support of our workshop.


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