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2007 Beginners' Workshop


Workshop Content

Club members who have spent considerable time researching advances in computer technology will share their knowledge and expertise with workshop participants in four sessions:

Computer Hardware

Hardware Solutions

Our hardware expert will discuss the latest technologies in chips and what you may wish to consider if purchasing a new computer or are thinking about upgrading an existing machine. Also included will be the basics of memory choices, hard disks and optical drives (DVD's), monitor displays and video cards, input devices (keyboard, mouse, etc.) and networking options.


Operating Systems

There is lots of buzz these days about Vista and Linux, two choices for your computer's operating system. But, do you need to choose between them? Is your current operating system good enough or do you really need the latest and greatest version? In this session, we will find out what Vista has to offer over and above Windows XP. We will also take a look at Ubuntu Linux and see how it can be dual-booted with Vista – to give the best of both worlds?


Microsoft Vista
Ubuntu Linux

Open Source

Open Source Applications

Another hot-button topic – open source software. A “believer” will discuss the concept of the open-source movement and provide examples of applications that look-and-feel pretty much like the “other guy's” software. Open-source software provides the same functionality, but at zero cost! What more could you ask for?


Security Issues

Computer life just keeps getting more complex and the black-hat guys are trying to take advantage of you at every turn. Viruses, worms, Spam, phishing schemes seem to be everywhere. Are you protected? Our expert will discuss the various security concerns and offer a wide range of easy-to-implement solutions.


Computer Security

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