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2006 Workshop
Computer Hardware and Home Networking


Workshop Content

Club members who have spent considerable time researching advances in computer hardware, and the problems - and solutions - associated with computer networking, will share their knowledge and expertise with workshop participants in two half-day sessions:

Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware

The morning session will focus on current - and future - computer hardware. What will you need to run Windows Vista? Will your current computer need upgrading? Which components? How do you change them? Want to burn DVD's? What is the difference between HD DVD and Blu-ray? Thinking of buying a new machine? Should you get Intel ViiV or AMD X2, 32- or 64-bit technology, single-core or dual-core CPU? Are you interested in home theatre? What sort of platform do you need? Our hardware expert will be available to discuss these and many other questions. Plus, he will build a computer from scratch - right before your eyes! So, not only will you know what the individual components are, and where they go inside the box, you will come away with the knowledge of how to install upgrades yourself.


Home Networking

In the afternoon, our thoughts will turn to home networks. So, if you have more than one machine, and would love to be able to easily transfer files or share an Internet connection, this session will show you how. What is network topography? What is a protocol stack? Should we be using cables or Wi-Fi? Our networking expert will describe the basics and then go on to build a network, actually linking several machines together in the lecture theatre. We will discuss Internet connectivity through high-speed modems and routers. We will take a look at wireless connections to our network and, in particular, consider the steps necessary to make the network secure.


Computer Networking

Don't Miss the Action!

We know that, for a big group, some of the details of our planned "hands-on" demonstrations could be hard to see, so we will be using closed-circuit television for a close-up view of all the action. You won’t miss a thing!


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